Sunday, May 25, 2008

Copenhagen Beat-29 Rare Tracks from The Danish Beat Scene 1965-1968!

29 Various tracks of strictly 1965-1968 Danish Beat scene!
There was a thriving scene there; a lot of R & B, Beat, and
just great rock in general. Check it out; a lot of bands, I've never
heard of before, and there's always several of these bands that
really shine....The King Beats, The Blackpools,
The Swinging Five, The Caravans, The Black Devils, The Telstars,
The Beatmakers, The Silverbeats, The Heaters, The Beefeaters,
The Noblemen, The Raws (whatta a great name!)
and several more...will really repair that broken mojo!
Two parts because it's packed full of goodies!

500 Miles to Glory-Various Artists-This Is Rock n' Roll!

The Gearhead Magazine Compilation, and Fink from Teengenerate says
"This is Rock 'n Roll" and I couldn't agree more with him!
Wonderful artwork-a direct take off from a classic album from the 60's, yet
the music inside is pretty much the coolest indie/garage punk bands around.
(At the time) Whatta line up here: The Supersuckers, Blag Dahlia from
The Dwarves, Teengenerate (heart attack Japanese rock),
The Lord High Fixers (with Tim Kerr-who's been in some of thee
coolest bands since the punk era: The Big Boys,Jack O' Fire,
Poison 13, and many others)
Who else? Oh, the greatest: Girl Trouble, The Fells, Nine Pound Hammer,
The Drags, The New Bomb Turks, Steel Wool, The Fall-Outs, and
Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver. What are you waiting for you sissies?
Get it here:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Link Wray & The Wraymen-Slinky! The Epic Sessions 1958-1961

Once upon a time,there were lots and lots of rock instrumentals.
Instrumentals were really popular between 1958-1964.
Here's a short list of things that will no doubt,remind you how cool
they really were:
The Champs (Tequila),The Viscounts (Harlem Nocturne), Dave
"Baby" Cortez (The Happy Organ) (I'll bet!), Johnny & The Hurricanes
(Red River Rock), The Wailers (Tall Cool One), B. Bumble & The Stingers
(Nut Rocker), Sandy Nelson (Teen Beat), Cozy Cole (Topsy Part II),
and oh, I forgot EVERYTHING by The Ventures,and Dick Dale
Who can forget them? The Ventures practically kick started rock in
Japan along with the Astronauts, because they toured there first before
The Beatles!
That was a cool time for music. Link Wray is probably thee most
influential guitarists around.Who needed to sing a note when that
guitar played the most bent and out of shaped notes.
(and even getting banned from radio for this?!)
Pencil holes pushed through the speakers-brilliant!
And speaking of bent, wonderful Sundazed Records must be
applauded here, since they managed to nail it by putting out not
one,but two discs of Link, making this a really complete set!
(with Alternate Takes too!) Oooh!
(I'm licking the jewel case now) No one will ever ask to borrow
my discs ever again, and that's the way I like it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Mod Scene -Decca Originals- Various Artists

Ooh, I love these comps, when you have 80% of the tracks
on other comps, and then you see this, and have to have those
one,two or three more tracks that you don't have, and need really bad...
Well the cover should tell you everything about it. Decca Originals.
So it's limited to that label, and those bands. But for people who
are new to it, you're gonna want to really hear The Poets "That's
The Way It's Gotta Be", Scotland's best beat band!
There's plenty more, for newcomers; The Attack, Timebox,
Chris Farlowe, The Graham Bond Organisation, Ronnie Jones
With The Nightimers, The Small Faces, The Habits, The Loose Ends,
Paul & Barry Ryan, Graham Goldman (who wrote the best songs ever!)
The Quik, Hipster Image. Now we're getting some more psychedelic.
But it's a good bunch of things, that you might not have, since they
stuck to more tracks that were not big giant hits (good thing-I'd rather
hear tracks I never heard before!) so you get a good
comp here, a real nice slice of Mod, R & B, Beat and Freakbeat.
Oh yeah and one lousy Tom Jones track, because he was on the label!
Oh well, can't be perfect! Here goes The Mod Scene...

Surf Monsters- Various Artists

Instrumental surf comp of new and old bands-20 Tracks Featuring
thee hippest bands around: Man Or Astroman?, The Bomboras,
Satan's Pilgrims, The Tiki Tones, The Space Cossacks,
Huevos Rancheros, The Centurions, Powerjive,
The Original Surfaris, Dave Myers & The Surftones, The Impacts,
The Sub-Mersians, The Lively Ones, The Sentinals,
The Cocktail Preachers(good name!).
Here's what The Masked Surfer sez: "They said it couldn't be
done-that mixing today's hottest attitude-drenched surf combos with
the Del-Fi champs of vintage 60's surf would be a lethal combo.
They were dead right. The mad scientists at Del-Fi jumped on
the idea,sifting through the corpses and mummified masters of
yesterday and sorting the headstones from the mausoleums of
present time until they had the mixture just right: Past, Present,
& Future Surf Klassics.
It's a tall tale of monstrous proportions,I'd say. Hang ten here;

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Roky Erickson And The 13th Floor Elevators 1966-1991 Unreleased Masters Collection

Massive 3 disc set with tracks from the 1960's (previously unreleased
alternate takes from 1966-1967) Plus a lot of solo Roky Erickson
material sprinkled into the mix from 1976, 1984 and 1991.(and this is cool too)
Disc one is dominated by material from 1966-1967 with wonderful
unreleased alternate mixes. Disc two is a unreleased master mix of 1967
live at La Maison in Houston,Texas. Disc three is previously unreleased
Roky Erickson,versions of songs by Bob Dylan,
and Donovan Leitch ,which was recorded in 1984.
Really, worth several listens!
Great to hear the history of Roky through the years...

The Rats- The Fall And Rise-A Rat's Tail

Mick Ronson's the one down front and center on this album by The Rats.
And this is his earliest recordings when he was barely 17 years old!
15 tracks compiled /recorded between 1964-1969.
And the rest tracks 13-15 (bonus tracks) were later additions from 1998.
-mojo repair shop
Guitarist, arranger, songwriter, producer and perennial sideman,
Mick Ronson made his mark during glam-rock's early '70s heyday
but worked consistently with frequent collaborators David Bowie and
Ian Hunter till his death in 1993. From 1967-68 he played with a hometown
garage rock group, The Rats, in Hull. In 1969, he was discovered by
fledgling folksinger and producer, Mike Chapman, who asked him to
join his recording band. From there he was on to a collaboration with
Bowie beginning with "Space Oddity" in 1969 and lasting through
1973's Pin-Ups. He arranged "Changes" among others on Hunky Dory (1972)
and was Bowie's flamboyant guitarist in the Spiders from Mars
during the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust (1972) album and tours.
It has remained a mystery as to how much of Bowie's material Ronson
wrote in exchange for "arrangement" credits, but his stamp is on some
important records of the era: He co-produced Lou Reed's Transformer
(RCA, 1972) with Bowie and briefly joined Mott the Hoople after
working as an arranger on All the Young Dudes (1972).

As glam rock faded, Ronson continued to work with Hunter in the
Hunter/Ronson band and as a songwriter, guitarist and producer
on Hunter's solo work. He recorded two solo albums for MainMan,
Slaughter on 10th Avenue (1974) and Play Don't Worry (1975).
His identifiable wah-wah sound straddled genres outside his beloved
glam and hard rock: From Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue to
Morrissey's Your Arsenal(1992). In 1990, Ronson was diagnosed
with cancer. He was reunited with Bowie for Black Tie White Noise(1993)
and that same year appeared at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
with Hunter and Bowie. He made one final record with some help from
his friends Hunter, Bowie, Chrissie Hynde and Mellencamp,
Heaven 'n Hull, (Epic) which was released posthumously in 1994.
~ Denise Sullivan, All Music Guide
Get it here:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives- Go To It Or Else!

Mojo Repair Shop says: Even if you just like "Rock 'n Roll Music" or "Garage Music"
you are missing out on other kinds of music that will color your life.
Music is like food for the brain, so feed it!
The link is right on this page,on the upper right side. Click on it and go
to Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives blogsot! I love this site!
You never know what you're going to get-it's like a birthday present
everyday! So unwrap the presents, and go there...
Where else can you find songs and titles like this:
Homer & Jethro "The Girl On The Police Gazette" (she sounds like fun)
Merle Haggard "The Bottle Let Me Down" (that sounds funny)don't you wanna hear that?
Tommy Collins "All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo" (that's true,you know)
Tommy Hill "Collision With Love (that had to hurt) I'm just being funny!
There's Rockabilly, Country, Ole Time, Western Swing, Rock 'n Roll,
and Hillbilly music. There's always some cool album covers,and a large
archive that will drive you nuts. I like other obsessed music freaks!
Dig the groovy album covers with men and women wearing strange sequined
shirts that look "kinda fruity"... look at these strange cowboy hats?!
Where did these people buy that stuff? At the store where Liberace shopped?
Well, whatever! Just start picking albums with strange song titles,
and you'll have some fun. Go there or be square. It will repair your mojo.
Oh, and I'm not getting paid to say this either. I just like the music!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Nightmares From The Underworld -Various Artists-Canadian 60's Psychedelic Punk

This set of two discs, wins my ultimate ugly CD art work award.
But let's not judge the book by the cover. Everyone does that
way too often! They judge people the same way, and that's
how you easily dismiss a lot of cool things. So you people that
are shallow miss out... poor you! I feel sorry for your shallow
lives.(But not really) Anyways, back to the music. This release
has tons of mid 60's Canadian Garage that's a pretty amazing
collection of stuff: M.G. & The Escorts, The Great Scots,
The Jury, The Esquires (1,000 bands with that moniker),
Don Norman and The Other Four, Satan & The D Men,
The Quiet Jungle, The Purple Haze, The Naughty Boys,
The Northwest Company (my favorite "Hard To Cry" isn't on
this particular set,but no one's perfect). Many other bands like:
The Munks, The King-Beeezz, The Bohemians, and others
really make this a must have for garage collectors.
If this were my comp CD set, I'd include some other bands that
are sorely missing (ie: The Ugly Ducklings,The Haunted,etc.)
But you can see this set is about more obscure bands, who
never got a chance at anything, except maybe making one
or two singles, and that's about it. Hurray for the underdogs,
the misfits, and punks making music in their garages,and
basements. You are not forgotten!

Love- Last Walls Of The Castle - I love the band Love

I love the band Love.And I really miss Arthur Lee. I think he
had more albums in him, and more things to say, but sadly
the time ran out. I'm glad Rhino Records celebrates him
with their new release of the Forever Changes explanded
edition, double CD set. Which you must pick up, and buy,
or else, you must not come here to read my things
anymore. That's a direct order from Mojo Repair Shop.
I hardly ask anything of you,but do this, and support really
good 60's artists, who never got enough fanfare. Okay, I'll
try to get off of my soapbox now, without falling down.
I'm not going to carp about Arthur's problems or anything so
stupid here...let's focus on the music okay.
This release: Last Walls of The Castle, contains some tremedous
sounding outtakes, which are great companion piece
to the latest Forever Changes, and that's why it's here.
You will certainly learn one thing about the band, and that's
this; the other guys in the band could really really play
their instruments quite well. I have heard rumors that the
label bought in some studio musicians, but all of these years
later, I've heard very little as to who and when. So, I still
believe, from the books I've read, and other sources,
that the band really did play on this record. Some interesting
multiple takes because of the problems here and there
with the guitar sound. There are several takes, trying to
get the right speed, or the right force played on the strings,
all the way around it, you can see these people are
trying to make art and music. Behold this beautiful band
and their recordings.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Troggs- From Nowhere including Wild Thing,Louie Louie,Your Love

"Ride Your Pony" indeed! Finally someone releases,reissues the first
album by one of thee coolest bands from the 60's. Thank you!
Repertoire Records! (I Love You) For anyone craving this band,
I'd buy this release, cause it's stellar! It also sounds fabulous.
20 Tracks including: Their big hit,Wild Thing
(I guess written in one minute flat) (Why are all the best songs written
in one minute flat?) Why? Because they're pounding-ly simple,
they sing like nursery rhymes,are repetitive, and kinda stupid.
The perfect pop group! And they look like cavemen-even better!
This release also includes: Hi Hi Hazel, Lost Girl, Jingle Jangle,
When I'm With You, Evil, I Want You, With A Girl Like You,
I Can't Control Myself, Gonna Make You, As I Ride By,
From Home, The Yella In Me, and even more!
Simple and sexually charged pop songs!

The Surf Creature-25 Wild Weird Wet Sexual Exotic Instros & Surf Toons!

Early 60's surfing and instrumentals featuring: The Starfires, The Mysterions,
The Fender IV,The Centuries, Dave Myers & The Surftones, The Velaires,
Jim Dovel & The Gauchos, The Silvertones, The Jesters, Danny Steel,
Aki Aleong & The Nobles, The Truants, The Majestics, The Varitones,
The Clashmen, Mickey Aversa, Graig Cahill & The Off Beats.
A lot of these groups only managed to release one single or two, so
get 'em all here.

John's Children-Jagged Time Lapse "Desdemona"

John's Children blah blah blah...Marc Bolan blah blah blah...
Jagged Time Lapse blah blah blah..."Desdemona" great song!
blah blah blah...T. Rex blah blah blah...bonus tracks blah blah blah...
UK Flowery Mod Pop music blah blah blah...
Not trying to be disrepectful,but what can you say that hasn't already
been said? Marc Bolan's the strong one,so he survives into the 70's,
and makes some of thee greatest pop songs ever.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ride Daddy Ride Vintage Songs About Sex 1927-1953 Re-Up

Re-Up of this release from very first post on this site.
I might have had technical problems as it was my first post here.
So here it is again, re-uped for your ears, to coincide with
"Hot'n'Sexy - Copulation Blues 1926-1940" (2000) from
Twilightzone's post of more "ancient sex related" songs, that somehow
slipped under the radar of censors back in the 1920's- 1950's.
Great pulp fiction covers. Vintage Songs 1927-1953 featuring
Bo Carter's "Let Me Roll Your Lemon", and Wynonie Harris's
"She Kept Sittin' On It" which is a howl! Old time-y raunchy blues,
that sometimes had double meanings. You would never hear songs
like this anymore, and maybe that's a good thing! Fun stuff!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The 13th Floor Elevators - Paradise Lost - It's Magical

The first psychedelic band? I'm not completely sure!
Another "Wow"release here, this one from The 13th Floor Elevators,
something I really wanted to share with you dear music fanatics!
This is special! Not your run of the mill release or repackage of
this band you see so many of. This one actually has music that's
new and not so comped to death on other releases.
For example disc 2 features the complete tracks 1-14,
recorded live at The Sumpin' Else TV Show from Dallas in 1966,
at station WFAA, and the rest of disc 2 features live at the
New Orleans Club in Austin,Texas in 1968.
And it sounds pretty good- for how many people were able to
record shows live back then, and the recordings were actually
listenable? These are! Disc 1 features MANY unreleased versions
of their songs, that sound like demos,outtakes, or takes that never
made it to release, but are quite good.
One wonders how a band like them were able to edit songs out?
Plus there's 3 tracks on disc 1 by The Spades. There's also
4 unusual tracks by a solo Roky Erickson,but there's
just no release date or time when those were recorded.
(and a recorded interview with Roky-those are always fun)
Still a strong set of music, that you won't just find anywhere,
but maybe here...enjoy!

Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals Titan Records

Rare West Coast Surf and Rock'n' Roll Instrumentals making
their first-ever CD appearance. Sourced from the original masters.
That's what it says,and that's really how cool it sounds.
24 tracks, featuring: Davie Allan, The Strangers,
The Surfmen (pictured above!), The Playboys, The Storms,
Gary Usher, and The Lancasters. The songs were all recorded
between 1959-1964, by some very innovative teens making records
in the most basic recording studios,basements,and garages.
The Lancasters had a very young Ritchie Blackmore in the band,and
had ties even with Kim Fowley(the hustler and producer we all know and love)
Fowley actually spent a lot of time (6 months) out of the year in England
always looking for a cool band to work with. One one such trip, in 1964,
he found The Lancasters, who had cut just 2 sides (just one single)
and didn't think much about this single and quickly moved on. Rather
unfortunate too after you hear their songs "Satan's Holiday",and
"Earthshaker",you can't help to think what else they had, and never
released! The Lancasters were originally known as The Superstitions.
Otherwise, the rest of this release is pure West Coast
Surf Instrumentals! Dig it man!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Turds On A Bum Ride (Garage Psych Compilation)

Wow,it's been how many years since I found this compilation?
This came out in 1989,and it was gone soon after. So it's time to
dust it off and post it here. Cause it's cool. Actually it wasn't dusty.
I was just playing it,and enjoying the music,although it's kinda
an oddly put together compilation, it's still enjoyable, and you
will find some uncomped(at the time) gems in this just like I did.
I brief description of what's inside:(which should send you over the top)
The MC5 "I Just Don't Know",
The Music Machine "No Girl Gonna Cry",
Mijal & White"I'm In You", The Blue Magoos "Who Do You Love",
The Id "Boil The Kettle,Mother",Kim Fowley "Animal Man",
The Shadows of Knight "I'm Gonna Make You Mine",
The Doors "Go Insane"(Demo), yes it's true. An outta tune
piano demo of them doing a crazy song I never heard before.
The Lollipop Shoppe "Mr. Madison Avenue",
The Electric Prunes "Hey Mister President",
The Sons of Adam "Baby Show The World",
Terry Knight & The Pack "Numbers",
The Jelly Bean Bandits"Poor Precious Dreams"
Ohio Express"First Grade Reader, The Monks"Complication",
The Sparkles "I Want To Be Free", and many more. There are
some filler tracks on it too, but overall, pretty cool sounding set.
Disc 2 has a song called "Bonus Track" and is quite funny.
Two separate parts,two discs, enjoy!