Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chrome,Smoke & Fire-A Compilation Of Hot Rod Music By Robert Williams-Wow Wow Wowsville!

Okay,this is probably the most beautiful double album ever made:
2 picture discs, and a front cover on both sides,and thee coolest music
inside! This is perhaps the best use of art and music in one package.
Robert Williams has always been a fanatic about cars,art, and music
and this is perhaps the best testament to that music from any artist.
I'm a fan of his art first, I have the book- Visual Addiction: The Art
Of Robt.Williams, and highly suggest you find it for yourself along
with this double album. It's wild, it's freaky, it's packed full of color,
and some incredible images. Art and music are a natural together.
Blend the two, great music, and shocking powerful art, and you have
a hit on your hands. I'm surprised that more bands and labels don't think
about that more often when they unleash their releases onto us. I can
only imagine this is wildly out of print,and hard to find, so that's why it's
here to enjoy. Why it was never re-issued is beyond me? I'd buy ten
of them ! As far as the music goes, these are hand picked songs from
the Robert Williams library of rock music car songs. All hard to find
40's-50's rockabilly, "jalopy songs", he's obviously an older dude, who
probably bought these records when they came out, or remembers
hearing them on his radio. Largely most of the music is 1950's-60's.
With the tail end of vinyl 4 side being late 70's and 80's songs. He knew
how to pick them, like a DJ would! I love hearing "Hot Rod Man"
By Tex Rubinowitz from 1979, I could listen to this album set all day,
while I'm tuning up the car.(yeah I do fix up my OWN car in the backyard)
But then again, I gotta 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback so I CAN tune her up.
I just love this album,and you're gonna too.You really gotta hear Big Stick
doing the song "Drag Racing", sheer brilliance! Now, how about it Coop?
When's your comp coming out of car songs? Care to up the stakes,and
blow our minds?
This is 2 discs worth,with complete artwork,and even a track list of the
songs and the year they came out, so you can follow along carefully.
I got at least another 2 months of tearing up the roads around here,
before I have to put the car away for winter,and this is my soundtrack.
The liner notes read "These LP's were deliberately mastered from existing
vinyl,therefore trax have varying amounts of surface noise". Keep that
in mind kids, and don't even think of complaining about that.

I Dreamed I Was Elvis-Buffalo Bop-Make Me Dance Little Ant!

This is probably the hardest Buffalo Bop to get,and the most ridiculous
compilation of the series. Why? Guys trying to be Elvis,and no one is
even close. Sorry guys! You should have called yourselves "The Not Quites".
Because that's more like it. It is entertaining in it's own silly way, so don't
get all weirded out on me. Make Me Dance Little Ant has it's charm,
a complete rip off of Jailhouse Rock, with the most silly lyrics ever.
Not even trying to cash in! The song just goes on and on about having
ants in his pants, not really praising Elvis, but making fun of his dancing.
That was what most people thought when he started out, and no one took
him seriously. Because he did overdo it on every television performance,
didn't he? And that's how he got noticed,and the kids totally dug him for
basically giving the adults the middle finger,with that overtly sexual dancing
The funny part is,when he would be interviewed after performing,on early
television shows, he sounded like a harmless, polite young man, just hooked
on music.He also looked like a juvenile delinquent from outer space,what's
not to like?

Hang Loose-Buffalo Bop- Flirty Gertie!

Hang Loose follows the tradition of this whole series, more Rockabilly
songs particularly by men about women. Although, this is typically
tiresome after a while, you will soon see more girl rockabilly comps
very very soon. I'm working on it! So, come back soon, and
hopefully I will have some done for you! It's always nice to hear songs
from a different perspective. This one,again features some fun songs,
with titles like Flirtie Gertie, Saccharin Sally, Rootie Tootie Baby,
You're Gone,I'm Left, and Rocking Jalopy. I can't help but play
this in heavy rotation. Stay tuned for more cats and kittens!
I've got some pretty cool knock out editions for you! Go,Man Go!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Motorcycle Gang- Buffalo Bop- She's A Bad Motorcycle!

The Crestones-"She's A Bad Motorcycle" is one of thee best songs baby!
And so is "Sunglasses After Dark" By Dwight Pullen, both classic vintage
rockabilly from the 1950's. Plus there's more cool car and motorcycle
related songs, "Dragstrip Baby", "Battle Of The Duals", "Motorcycle Mike",
and one unusual song called "Teenage Bug"! Again another 30 or so songs
taken from super rare singles, and you know you're never gonna find those
anywhere else. Buffalo Bop is the label, and the people who put out these
fine volumes of music, and I'm guessing here, but I think that label has
released well over 200 compilations. Well, gather them while you can.

Dateless Night- Buffalo Bop- Various Rockabilly-Crazy Daisey!

Woo Hoo! More Rockabilly Various Artists! This one features
Alan Page- "Dateless Night", and others certainly worth your time:
The Blue Angels- "Yea Yea Miss Ann", The Jesters III-"Messed Up Woman",
and thee coolest Doug Sahm- "Crazy Daisey". Worth the Doug Sahm
song all by itself. These are really fun to listen to, did I mention that?
You're gonna dig, dig,dig this and I'm koo koo for these discs!

Running Wild -Buffalo Bop-Plumb Crazy!

More of the finest rockabilly music ever made! I'm having
a lot of fun listening to this, and I think you will too!
The name of the disc is also one of the best songs:
"Running Wild" By Blackie Starks, and there's plenty more
cool songs like, "She Done Moved" -by Jimmy Dempsey,
"I'm Gone"-by Vic Gallon, "Crawdad Song"- by Red Moore,
and "Plumb Crazy"- by Jim Murphy. Again another 30 tracks
of wild 1950's Rock n' Roll fun. You can't go wrong if you buy
ANY of these volumes, when you see 'em, git 'em!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Party Crasher! - Buffalo Bop- Various Rockabilly

Still not enough rockabilly? Okay, here's the last one for today.
Party Crasher- contains the hits-Granny Went Rockin', Gee Whiz Liz,
Skinnie Minnie Shimmy, Dig Me A Crazy Record, and again, my
personal favorite Turkey Neck Stretch. You can't go wrong!
I'm all over these compilations, and am listening to them everyday.
I'm living in the past, and A-Okay with that! Join me,and the fun!

Shake It Up! -Buffalo Bop -Rockabilly Fun

More rockabilly you say? Okay! Here we go. Another swell
volume of fabulous rockabilly again, the songs titles alone will make you
want these- Rattlesnake Daddy, Lonesome Guitar, Little Heart Attacks,
and my favorite Rock And Roll Itch. The itch you can't scratch.
These sound terrific, and dated, and again from the original singles.
I'm going to serve up more, so come on back for seconds and thirds.

Teen-Age Mafia -Buffalo Bop- Rockabilly

There's a large series of discs of rockabilly music that should
always be heard, and collected, and that's the Buffalo Bop series.
These discs capture the real essence of that music largely from the
1950's, and usually are collected via the original singles/45's.
That's where the best sound comes from, and that's the way these
records were heard. And that's how they are presented here.
Each disc contains roughly 30 tracks or so,and they are generally
all really fun to listen to.You start listening to one,and you want more.
Sorta like potato chips, you start eating a couple, and before you
know it,you ate the whole bag.But listening to these won't put on
the calories, I assure you. Well, I know this site features mostly
garage rock, and weirdos, but this rockabilly fits right in perfectly.
With songs titles like Cut Me Up,Teenage Hop,Go Ask Your Mama,
Fire Engine Baby,and Snaggle Tooth Ann, I hope you think this is
cool, cause I do.These are very catchy compilations. So I'm
going to serve up as many as I can find! Ooh, delicious.
More to come! Dig the teenage juvenile delinquent themed covers!
Today I saw a car bumper sticker and it read-
"I'd Rather Be Blogging". Sounds good to me.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Screamin' Jay Hawkins- Spellbound! 1955-1974 Feast Of The Mau Mau! Wow!

I don't know which picture is more shocking the one with the
bone through his nose or this last picture that seems "normal".
I simply prefer the bone nose one myself,the third one,that's beautiful!
That's the way he should look,like a psycho blues voodoo
hoodoo man! Now that's a look. Now, people are paying attention!.
This Spellbound deluxe set, is quite beautiful, and is 2 discs long,
and contains really, Screamin' Jay's career highlights from
1955-1974. I posted The Best Of Screamin' Jay Hawkins
a while back, but it's a short list of songs,which don't
feature all of his vocal skills. Remember I said, he started out
as wanting to be a opera singer? Well, you can hear his
complete vocal range on this set of 2 discs .Some songs are
just simple love songs, or songs of yearning,and some are just
a great rhythm and blues workout,some songs are straight up
weird, the ones you would expect them to be. I even like his
lesser known songs, like Mountain Jive, and Two Can Play
This Game. So, I encourage you to get this one too, and crank
it up. 48 tracks total, and this is a very hard to find set!
It's plenty weird, and wonderful. And I don't really have
much more to add to this post, he's a true American original.
2 parts-2 discs ,and a lot of cool pics/scans included.
Also one you can enlarge and frame for your fridge.
(or put near your bed, or scare your Mom, or ? )
Halloween is coming kiddies!