Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knock Out - Buffalo Bop - Rollin' Danny!

Knock out is a knock out to be sure! What is really cool
on this particular volume is MORE VINTAGE Rockabilly,
plus the original version of Rollin' Danny by Ron Haydock.
To the folks who love punk and newer UK rock music,
(just like me)The Fall did an excellent version of Rollin' Danny.
So I encourage you to check out the original version of the track.
It's wonderful. Mark E. Smith does a fine job!
The other highlighted tracks on this volume include:
Boppin' Bug, Tuscaloosa Lucy, Sweetie Pie, Don't Just Stand There!,
You're A Tiger, Let's All Go Wild Tonight, and
Bucket Full Of Tears.30 more tracks! It's all right here daddy-o.

Candy Doll - Buffalo Bop - Girls Rockin' Out!

A rare volume of female rockabilly tracks! 30 more tracks of
rockabilly 1950's-early 1960's originals. Just as fun as any other
volume, the tracks I highlight here are Teenage Boogie, Cool Cat,
What Does A Lifeguard Do In The Fall (?), At The Sock Hop
is juvenile fun, Watch Me Do The Twist, Eskimo Baby,
Mean Man Blues, and Teenage Rebel. Hardly a bad song in
the whole bunch. Dig the chicks right here.

Trading Kisses - Buffalo Bop - Chicksville USA

You say you don't have enough rockabilly music in your
life? Well, here's more. No doubt about it, the 1950's era is fun,
and has a charm all it's own. Probably what's lacking in today's
music, the charm, the old fashioned just singing about what you
know. This volume contains another 30 tracks, and is strictly
rockabilly type rock and roll. The title track song Tradin' Kisses
by Matt Lucus is one of the stand out tracks on this various artists
compilation, along with: Pal Mal Rock, Butter Ball, Tip Toe,
Chicksville USA, Rock And Roll Rover, Arkansas Jane,
and Nervous Wreck.
I like the track Nervous Wreck a lot, since it's a man talking
about his girl! Nutty and great! Check it all out here below!

Hobo Bop - Buffalo Bop - Mystery Train

Hey hipsters and cowgirls, yet more volumes of this
fabulous series of Buffalo Bops! This is yet another one with
a theme and the theme is trains. I would say this volume is
largely country western rockabilly sounding,but still really
a fun ride without a doubt. There's 2 versions of Mystery Train,
along with some other cool tracks: That Long Black Train,
Goodbye Train, Folsom Prison Blues, Train Whistle Blues,
One Way Track, Hey Mr. Porter, Kansas City Train,
and naturally, the title track Tommy Nolan doing "Hobo Bop"
This is a cool volume, and contains 30 tracks. I think you're
all going to love it like I do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rhythm & Booze - Buffalo Bop - White Lightning!

Guess what the theme is here? Drinking songs! Yee ha!
Yet another 30 tracks of primo 1950's rockabilly rock
and one of the best of this series.Greats songs: Pink Elephants,
Moonshine Still, Beer Drinking Daddy, Root Beer by the fabulous
Law Brothers, and the title track Rhythm And Booze,
Beer Drinking Blues, Moonshine, Suds, Save Me The Label,
and yet another winner; Three Aces And A Joker doing
Booze Party. 'Nuff Said! Get this one!

Bad Boy- Buffalo Bop - Meaner Than An Alligator

Tony Curtis in a switchblade fight? Bad Boy-a good theme
for a series of compilations of 1950's rockabilly.
This entire comp is dedicated to them; Here's a sample
of the way cool songs and titles: All Night In Jail,Okie In The Pokie,
Don't Hang Around Me No More, Red Hot Mama,
Take It Easy,Greasy! and of course I've Been A Bad Bad
Boy by The King Beats.Yet another winner compilation of
vintage 1950's rock and roll from the original singles.
This one is a strong one with some amazing tracks!
Don't sit around wondering if this is cool enough, these
are very hard to find, and no one has ever really compiled
this large a series of rockabilly music discs. Dig it baby!

Teen Town - Buffalo Bop - Spin The Bottle

The Teen Town volume of Buffalo Bops boasts mostly
songs about difficulties between boys and girls. Which is
mostly what a lot of songs are about anyways...aren't they?
Just think about it? Most songs were written because someone
was angry, in love, crazy, or any other strong emotion.
Teen Town's highlighted tracks are: All About Cha,Babe,
I'm Hypnotised, Tell Me Quick,Tell Me True, Spin The Bottle,
You Broke My Heart, and one particularly unusual one called
Coconut Girl. And it's all vintage rockabilly 50's styled, the original
artists, and culled from the original singles, almost like a small
time capsule of love directly to you, from Mojo Repair Shop.
I hope you're not sick of these compilations, give them a listen.
I think they will grow on ya! More to come little sea monkeys.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Stuck Up - Buffalo Bop - Stella Got A Fella

Oh, what a cover -she's just being coy, not stuck up! And
how many juvenile delinquents would be caught dead near a
barbershop? And beating someone up? I think they'd be working
on their jalopies, and just hanging out, not popping some guy in
the face. Oh well, more rockabilly action kittens and cats.
My favorites are the obvious wacky songs like: Lovey Dovey,
Preacher Man, Rolly Polly, Griddle Greasin' Daddy,
Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis!, Stella Got A Fella,and the
ever popular Let Me Play With Your Poodle. (what a strange title)
Again, all of the fabulous 50's sounds,without cleaning up the
fidelity too much. Mastered from the original 45's, so it's the way
those kids heard them back then. These discs really capture that
innocent early rock 'n roll time period.

Skipping Along - Buffalo Bop - My Knees Turn To Jelly

Skipping along in the Buffalo Bop series, 30 more tracks of mid
50's blast available to you, fellow hipsters. This one has some
interesting titles you're going to wanna to hear it-because they're fun -
Teen Age Talk, Oh Geronimo!, Ain't That A Dilly, Report Card Time,
My Knees Turn To Jelly, and so many more worth hearing.
I'm having a wonderful time listening to these, and I really
enjoy seeing people grab these, so this kind of music never gets
forgotten! That's what it's all about, man. Dig the cover with the
junvenile deliquent that looks like a retarded James Dean!

Fright'nin - Buffalo Bop - Shimmy Shake!

Back to the Buffalo Boppin' series
that we all love so much. Another
voluptuous volume of vintage voola
1950's original rockabilly
unknowns, and really very catchy
rock songs. Another 30 more tracks,
featuring the coolest songs,
I'm grooving to: You Hook Me Baby,
Koffee Shop Rock, High School USA,
Sweet Cucumber(?!), String Bean,
Weepin' & Wailin' and Shimmy Shake.

All songs mastered from the original 45's,for
optimum wattage in the cottage. The real 50's
blast daddy-o! These are hard to find ,so I urge
you to move quickly, why? Lotsa blogs have
been violated by creepy creeps, who really
don't know what to do with themselves.
I could think of a few things they could do with their
precious time, and ask them to at least consider, you're not
going to ever enjoy this music either, so why be so darn
depressing, and weird.
Bloggers will just move to another site.While you're spinning your
wheels. This is long out of print, and these songs are
50 plus years old. They are worth preserving for people who like
vintage rock 'n roll.