Monday, February 8, 2010

Skip James - Studio Sessions -Rare And Unreleased

Excellent blues! Excellent songs!
No one can sing and play like
Skip James.This
is from a previously
unreleased 1967 recording
session, and Skip only had
a couple more years
left on this planet. So even
though this music
is what we would call his last
efforts,it sounds
as fresh and sincere as any of
his earlier records.
Some people just "got it",you know?

No matter where they are, they can
just sing it right from their soul.

This music reminds me,
of Honeyboy Edwards,
and the recent "music awards
show on TV" just finally awarded this soldier of the
blues,one of the last of his kind...they finally awarded the
genius Honeyboy Edwards a lifetime "achievement like"
award. (I didn't look this up,I just saw him in the
crowd on this show,and they put the spotlight on him,
and it made me weep!) Well,sometimes they do get
things right,and it's hard to believe it!
Well, back to Skip James...this disc has yet another
variety of tracks not on anything else,making it essential!
1. Backwater Blues 2.Everybody Ought To Live Right
3.I Want To Be More Like Jesus 4.Jack Of Diamonds
5.My Last Boogie 6.Lazy Bones 7.Let My Jesus Lead You
8.My Own Blues 9.Oh,Mary Don't You Weep
10.Omaha Blues 11.Bumble Bee
12.One Dime Was All I Had
13.Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
14.Somebody Gonna Wish They had Religion
15.Somebody Loves You 16.Sorry For To Leave You
17.Sporting Life Blues 18.They Are Waiting For Me
19.Walking The Sea
Thanks for liking the music,as always.
Studio Sessions

Skip James - The Very Best Of - Heroes Of The Blues

The blues starts here the label reads...
yet another
Skip James release. And why
did you do that Mojo?
Well, every time you
buy another CD or album, they all
have different
tracks on 'em.
The record companies are just
toying with me,and making me buy more

and more music.
But I'm fine with that.
Just give
me enough varied tracks so it's worth
it to buy...I
want more undiscovered gems,or
songs I never heard before.This release has a
slightly different track listing,and therefore worth
getting. In fact,this label Shout Factory! released
some others in this series: you also must own them all!
Furry Lewis,Rev. Gary Davis, Ma Rainey, Son House,
and Mississippi Fred McDowell. Ooh, I'm all
over these,they're great!
You must first listen to "Crow Jane".
Here's the tracks:
1.22-20 Blues 2.Little Cow,Little Calf Is Gonna Die
3.Special Rider Blues 4.Vicksburg Blues 5. 61 Highway
6.How Long Blues 7.Sick Bed Blues
8. I Don't Want A Woman To Stay Up All Night Long
9.Hard Time Killing Floor Blues 10.Skip's Worried Blues
11.Illinois Blues 12.Cypress Grove Blues
13.Cherry Ball Blues 14.Crow Jane
15.Everybody's Leaving Here 16.I'm So Glad.
Enjoy the music while you can
Heroes Of The Blues

Skip James - Devil Got My Woman "Sickbed Blues"

Alright,I'm back. I can think better,my brain is working
better,and finally my hand can type,and I can post some
music to
sample here. I will occasionally type things
backwards and forwards.
I think I am developing some
kind of dyslexia. So I hope it's only
here's something to sink your teeth into.

Skip James!

God, I love this man...this is soulful blues...the best
kind too.
When I wasn't feeling so good,my best
buddy gave me music to
listen to,and enjoy. Music
heals the brain,you know.
And I already had some
Skip James,but apparently
I just forgot how great
he was.So Thanks H,for reminding me
sheer beauty of all things Skip James.
His voice is haunting,
and his music is unlike no
one else.Please sample these three
(if I can get them up here on this site) I'm only
doing it, so you develop a habit,a habit so
you see any Skip James CD or album,that you
buy it.

Trust me,you'll need to have your own copy
to read,
and enjoy his history. Not enough is
said about how amazing
Skip James really is.
His high-pitched voice, almost a falsetto,
and how he plays
the guitar along with it.
It's spare, simple and beautiful.

Here's the lowdown:
1. Good Road Camp Blues 2. Little Cow,Little Calf Blues
3. Devil Got My Woman 4.Look At The People Standing
At The Judgement 5.Worried Blues 6. 22-20 Blues
7. Mistreating Child Blues 8. Sickbed Blues
9. Catfish Blues 10. Lorenzo Blues 11. Careless Love
12. Illinois Blues
Snatch it, grab it. Tell me it's the best
Devil Got My Woman