Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Cramps- I Was A Teenage Werewolf

The Skeleton Dance 1929 Animated

Screaming Jay Hawkins with The Fuzztones

The Fuzztones- The Witch

The Mummies- What A Way To Die!

Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack The Ripper

These Ghoulish Things - Horror Hits For Halloween

These Ghoulish Things Ace Records Horror Special.
Queasy listening from the vaults- 25 Horrible hit picks
from the ghoul-den age of Rock 'n' Roll. I especially
love the Bobby"Boris" Pickett radio station vintage ads,
and the super rare Allan Sherman "My Son,The Vampire".
Be afraid- be very afraid!

These Ghoulish Things

Monster Rock 'n' Roll - Crypt Records

Yet Another Halloween themed album of rock and roll
tunes, again,some songs are on other compilations,but at
least you'll have all kinds of spooky sounds. Play Loud!
Vintage Halloween fun.

Monster Rock 'n' Roll

Monster Bop - Various Artists Buffalo Bop -I Was A Teenage Monster!

Monster Bop- Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly Halloween music
is a regular favorite here,so let's share it with everyone.My favorite
time of the year,who doesn't love this silly music? Some of these
songs are also featured on many other compilations. Complete
with scans,glow in the dark ring,vampire teeth, and plastic skull....
1. Jackie Morningstar- Rockin' In The Graveyard
2. Carl Bonafede- Were Wolf
3. Jerry Coulston- Caveman Hop
4. Rod Willis-The Cat
5. Jack & Jim- Midnight Monsters Hop
6. Scottie Stuart- Nightmare
7. Leroy Bowman- Graveyard
8. Mack Allen Smith- The Skeleton Fight
9. Jimmy Dee- The Monster Hop
10. Carl Bonafede- Story That's True
11. Bert Convey- The Gorilla
12. Joe Wallace- Leopard Man
13. Earl Patterson- Nightmare Hop
14. Bobby Please- The Monster
15. The Phantom Five- Graveyard
16. Tommy Roe- Caveman
17. The Daylighters- Mad House Stomp
18. Jim Burgett- Jekyll & Hyde
19. Chris Kevin- Haunted House
20. Mike Fern- The Head Hunters
21. Round Robin- I'm The Wolf Man
22. The Hollywood Flames- Frankenstein's Den
23. Bert Convey- The Monster Hop
24. Carlos Casal Jr.- Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein
25. The Keytones- I Was A Teenage Monster
26. The Castle Kings- You Can Get Him Frankenstein
27. Joe Johnson- The Gila Monster
28. Eddie Thomas- Frankenstein Rock
29. Randy Luck- I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man
30. Ivan- Frankie Frankenstein

Monster Bop

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Muddy Waters - The Complete Chess 1947-1967 Disc 9 Alternate Takes

Here's the last disc,almost forgot there's nine discs
This one is special special- all alternate takes
of some of
Muddy's best songs. These are all mostly
vintage tunes.

Disc 9:
1.Rollin' Stone 2.All Night Long
3.She's All Right
4.Baby,Please Don't Go
5.I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man

6. Take The Bitter With The Sweet
7.Take The Bitter
With The Sweet
8.She's Into Something

9. Recipe For Love 10.Woman Wanted (8 Takes)
11.Read Way Back (9 Takes including backing track)
12.You Shook Me 13.Elevate Me Mama
14.You Don't Have To Go.
Just fucking awesome music,you will probably be
listening to this disc over and over,like a nut,like me.
It packs the most's otherworldly.
It's hoodoo voodoo. Just listen to the Woman
Wanted 8 takes-there's some pretty amazing guitar
playing,and these were thrown away! (See take 3)
One of those Chess brothers complains he's popping
into the mic.Well it's all live in the studio, everyone's
doing it live all together.It's great to hear studio
chatter it's always funny, to hear them swearing,trying
to make a record! One of the takes Muddy says he
forgets what he's doing,all while he's playing these
incredible guitar runs...he forgets?
He must've done this stuff in his sleep he's
so natural about it.I'm just not so sure about

Muddy's Recipe For Love,I'm thinking mine is
more nine disc box sets of more music huh?

Another recipe for love would be that Chess
Records releases more outtakes and tracks
they're sitting on!

Muddy Waters 9

Muddy Waters - The Complete Chess 1947-1967 Discs 7 & 8 My Dog Can't Bark

Discs seven and eight good music fans:
pretty much a lot of the songs appear on the Folksinger
album from disc seven. Disc eight really gets moving
with some faster blues numbers are probably younger
players with Muddy, that are spirited,I'm totally digging
the tune My Dog Can't Bark,too bad they didn't keep
the song going,it gets pretty interesting,then fades out.
I also like the tunes Put Me In Your Layaway Plan,
Hard Loser,Find Yourself Another Fool,
Kinfolk Blues,
and other standard shouters / blues wailers.
I'm apt to stay away from the 1968 horn tracks, like
Going Back To Memphis, and the country fried
Corine,Corina. It just doesn't sound like he's into
the groove,man. Oh well,there's still plenty o music
for everyone here whatever your thing is.

Disc 7:
1. Elevate Me Mama 2.So Glad I'm Living
3.My Love Strikes Like Lightning 4.Early In
The Morning 5.One More Mile 6. 12.Highway
7.You Don't Have To Go 8.Things I Used To Do
9.Wee Wee Baby 10.Sitting And Thinking
11.Clouds In My Heart 12.Got My Mojo Working
13.She's 19 Years Old 14.My Home Is the Delta
15.Long Distance 16.My Captain
17.Good Morning
Little Schoolgirl
18.You Gonna Need My Help

19.Cold Weather Blues 20.Big Leg Woman
21.Country Boy 22.Feel Like Going Home

Disc 8:
1.The Same Thing 2.You Can't Lose What You
Ain't Never Had 3.My John The Conquer Root
4.Short Dress Woman 5.Put Me In Your Lay Away
6.My Dog Can't Bark 7.I Got A Rich Man's Woman
8.Making Friends 9.Betty And Dupree 10.Trouble
11.Black Night 12.Trouble In Mind 13.Take My Advice
14.Hard Loser 15.Going Back To Memphis
16.Piney Brown Blues 17.Sweet Little Angel
18.Corine,Corina 19.It's All Over 20.County Jail
21.Two Steps Forward 22.Blind Man 23.Find Yourself
Another Fool 24.Kinfolk's Blues 25.Birdnest On The
Ground 26.When The Eagle Flies

Muddy Waters 7

Muddy Waters 8

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Muddy Waters - The Complete Chess 1947-1967 Discs 5 & 6 Tiger In Your Tank!

Discs five and six,coming at ya! Even if you're not in the
mood for Muddy's blues,make sure you listen to this series.
Otherwise,you are shortchanging your bad self,and you're
missing out on great music.
Disc 5:
1. Lonesome Road Blues 2. Moppers Blues 3. Take The Bitter
With The Sweet 4. She's Into Something 5. Southbound Train
6. Just A Dream 7. I Feel So Good 8. Hey Hey 9. Love Affair
10. Recipe For Love 11. Baby I Done Got Wise
12. Tell Me Baby 13. When I Get To Thinking
14. Double Trouble 15. Woman Wanted 16. Read Way Back
17. I'm Your Doctor 18. Deep Down In My Heart
19. Tiger In Your Tank 20. Soon Forgotten
21. Meanest Woman 22. I Got My Brand On You
Disc 6: (Live tracks 1-9 Incredible sound! Fine playing!)
1. I Got My Brand On You 2. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
3. Baby,Please Don't Go 4. Soon Forgotten 5. Tiger In Your Tank
6. I Feel So Good 7. Got My Mojo Working 8. Got My Mojo
Working Part 2 9. Goodbye Newport Blues 10. Real Love
11. Lonesome Room Blues 12. Messin' With The Man
13. Going Home 14. Down By The Deep Blue Sea
15. Muddy Waters Twist 16. Tough Times 17. You Shook Me
18. You Need Love 19. Little Brown Bird 20. Five Long Years
21. Brown Skin Woman 22. Twenty Four Hours 23. Coming
Round The Mountain 24. Let Me Hang Around
Muddy Waters 5

Muddy Waters 6

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Muddy Waters - The Complete Chess 1947-1967 Discs 3 & 4

Discs 3 & 4 have 22 and 26 tracks and sound better than
any other Muddy Waters CD's I have heard so get 'em while
you can. A large amount of songs in this series are written by:
Muddy, Bo Diddley, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed, Bill Broonzy,
and Sonny Boy Williamson. I'm going to let the music speak
for itself.
Disc 3 tracks: 1.Flood 2. My Life Is Ruined 3. She's All Right
4. Sad Sad Day 5. Turn The Lamp Down Low(Baby Please
Don't Go) 6. Loving Man 7. Blow Wind Blow 8. Mad Love
(I Want You To Love Me) 9. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
10. She's So Pretty 11. I Just Want To Make Love To You
12. Oh Yeh 13. I'm Ready 14. Smokestack Lightning
15. I Don't Know Why 16. I'm A Natural Born Lover
17. Ooh Wee 18. This Pain 19. Young Fashioned Ways
20. I Want To Be Loved 21. My Eyes(Keep Me In Trouble)
22. Mannish Boy 23. I Got To Find My Baby 24. Sugar Sweet
25. Trouble No More 26. Clouds In My Heart.

Disc 4 tracks: 1. Forty Days And Forty Nights 2. All Aboard
3. Just To Be With You 4. Don't Go No Further 5. Diamonds At
Your Feet 6. I Live The Life I Love,I Love The Life I Live
7. Rock Me 8. Look What You Done 9. Got My Mojo Working
10. Good News 11. Evil 12. Come Home Baby,I Wish You Would
13. Let Me Hang Around 14. I Won't Go On 15. She's Got It
16. Born Lover 17. She's 19 Years Old 18. Close To You
19. Walkin' Thru The Park 20. Blues Before Sunrise
21. Mean Mistreater 22. Crawlin' Kingsnake
Complete with artwork: back scans, front covers.
The titles alone should move you.

Muddy Waters 3

Muddy Waters 4

Monday, October 12, 2009

Muddy Waters - The Complete Chess 1947-1967 Discs 1 & 2

You can't have Howlin' Wolf without Muddy Waters,
I'm also going to post this whole series here on this
blog.The way things are going, maybe blogger might not
last much longer,(no don't freak out,just be wary of it)
and if you enjoy music as much as I do, it's best to post
the things that matter and mean something to
you,so that's why I'm veering off into the blues lately. Plus
I like listening to it, and find it more creative than today's
latest rehashed shit rock coming over the speakers. I'm
certain even the artists today wish they had a shred of this
man's talent. And for you people who think I'm living in
the past,well,I think it's a better place than right nowsville.
This ain't no nostalgia trip,this is real music to bite into.
And if you're smart,you're gonna pick this up,listen to it,
and see for yourself why I think it's great! So much rock
& roll and punk comes from the blues. It's honest and real.
It's made by people who didn't take music lessons,and they
just kept making music,even though it was not popular or
widely accepted. When Motown began churning out big
city hits, and more polished records for urban blacks,
music made for and made by black people everyone
abandoned this form of countrified blues.Even though
people in Chicago dug it, the new sound was Motown
and guys like Muddy had a rough time getting people to
buy his records after that. I'm glad the Stones came
along and reminded people where the real blues rock
came from. I'm glad that Chuck Berry came along and saved
Chess records from going down.Chuck's records were
more modern, and easily more marketable to radio,they
sold well making Muddy able to still record even
though his kind of music was on the way out.
Muddy Waters 1

Muddy Waters 2

Friday, October 2, 2009

Howlin' Wolf - Complete Chess Recordings 1951-1969 Discs 6 & 7

The lasts discs- volumes 6 & 7 contain 18 and 24 more tracks
Gotta have more Wolf, never can get enough. There's
some amazing
outtakes, on these last disc. I'm talking
about disc 7.
There's You Gonna Wreck My Life
(Alternate Take),
Moaning For My Baby (3-4 takes),
I've Been Abused (Takes 5-7)
Howlin' For My Darlin'
(Takes 1-7), and the best stuff is Mr. Airplane Man (Takes 1-2)

The Wolf messes up the lyrics, and the engineer, probably
Leonard Chess starts telling him,
Ah...Wolf...the airplane flies
he doesn't sail...motherfucker"...
Clearly Wolf just had
done a long session, and maybe screwed up a line...
usually they recorded long ass sessions, to get the
feeling right.
All recorded live, why bother adding anything,it's
warts and all,
and beautiful the way it is. The music,it's spine
tingling, it's ferocious, how do you top this?
I love the howls, and falsetto echoing howls.This is a cool
series of discs and I'm glad I could share them with you.
I'm not sure what I'm gonna post next, this series of discs has
got a hold on my ears. I might start going through more blues
discs, and well, I don't know, find another band to obsess
about, like usual.
Howlin' Wolf 6

Howlin' Wolf 7