Friday, October 31, 2008

Mojo Repair Shop's- Little Shop Of Horrors Discs 1 & 2

More Halloween Music Kiddies! I have another little double disc compilation of tracks
of all kinds of fun,scary little songs! Here's the song list you little goblins!
Disc 1
01. Allan Sherman- My Son, The Vampire
02. Tommy Roe- Caveman (1960)
03. Joe Johnson- Gila Monster
04. Leroy Brown- Graveyard (1958)
05. Chris Kevin- Haunted House (1959)
06. Round Robin- I'm The Wolfman
07. Bert Convy- The Gorilla
08. The Pair Of Kings- The Monster
09. Mack Allan Smith- The Skeleton Fight (1964)
10. Tomm Holmes- Witch Doctor's Wedding (1960)
11. The Duponts- Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall)
12. Billy DeMarco & Count Dracula- Drac's Back
13. The Verdicts- The Mummy's Ball
14. The Hollywood Flames- Frankenstein's Den
15. Round Robin- I'm The Wolfman
16. The Nu-Trends- Sppoksville
17. Big Bee Kornegay- At The House Of Frankenstein
18. John Zacherle- Coolest Little Monster
19. Bert Convy- The Monster Hop
20. Bill Doggett- Monster Party
21. The Daylighters- Mad House Jump
22. Jim Burgett- Split Personality (1961)
23. John Sowell- Nightmares (1959)
24. Sharkey Todd- The Horror Show
25. Tony's Monstrosities- Igor's Party
26. Earl Patterson- Nightmare Hop
27. The Fiends- Theme From The Adam's Family
28. Eddie Thomas- Frankenstein Rock
29. Sonny Richard's Panics with Cindy & Misty- The Voo Doo Walk
30. Bo Diddley- Bo Meets The Monster
31. Jackie Morningstar- Rockin' In The Graveyard
Disc 2 More Halloween Fun
01. Terry Teene- Curse Of The Hearse
02. Screamin' Lord Sutch & The Savages- She's Fallen
In Love With The Monster Man
03. John Zacherle- Dinner With Drac Part 1
04. The Gravediger 5- All Black And Hairy
05. The Finks- Haunted Fink
06. The Trashwomen- Dragula
07. Los Plantronics- Evil Tiki
08. The Undertakers- Mortician's Stomp
09. Satan's Pilgrims- Frankenstomp
10. The Apemen- Surf Dracula
11. The Escalators- Monster's Theme
12. The Finks- Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
13. The Finks- Haunted Fink
14. The Crimson Shadows- Nightmares
15. The Neanderthals- 200 lb. Werewolf
16. Curse Of Horseflesh- Skeleton Hill 90210
17. The Guana Batz- Werewolf Blues
18. The Gary 7- The Curse Of The Mummies Tomb
19. The Jayhawks- The Creature (From Outer Space)
20. The Prisoners- Revenge Of The Cybermen
21. The 'Knurlings- Cemetery Stomp
22. The Meteors- Graveyard Stomp
23. The Meteors- My Daddy Is A Vampire
Crazy,man crazy... Enjoy!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monster Party 2000- MuSick-Stay Sick Turn Blue!

You have no idea how much I love Halloween, do you?
Well,here's another compilation you just gotta hear! This one
is one of thee best- look at the head count of these bands:
Satan's Pilgrims, The Boss Martians, The 3-D Invisibles,
The Woggles, Electric Frankenstein, Deadbolt, Bleed,
The Chimps, The Space Cossacks, Freddy Fortune & The
Four-Gone Conclusions, The Hellbenders, Fifty Foot Combo,
Eddie Angel & The Omega Men,The Tiki Tones...and more.
Whatta pile-o-fun here on this disc. This isn't that scary,though.
What really scares me is Governor Sarah Palin, and what's
going to happen to us all in the next year or so.
Well ,the music should drown your sorrows,and cheer you
up for a least 40 minutes or so. And that's the best I can do.
More Buffalo Bops soon, so you can get your fix.

The Big Monster Bash Volume 1 - Guitarantula!

Another fantabulous Halloweeny compilation filled with
creepy creeps: The Hellbilly Hellcats "The Dark Side",
The King Dapper Combo "Save It For The Vampires",
The Exotics "Guitarantula", Hayride To Hell "Rockin' Coffin Bar",
El Vez "Gabrial The Giant Mosquito", The Rockin' Bones
"Voodoo Dance" , The Surfholics "Frankensurfer II"
Start your party off right with this music.
Worthy of your attention dear monsters.

Hey Kids it's Halloween Hootananny! A Fistful Of Terror!

Some of my best fiends are on this compilation! 19 Scary
Garage Punk Halloweenies fill this disc up.Terror! Mystery!
Suspense! Rotted Teeth? yeah, after you eat all of that candy!
The Horror! The shock of it all! All the bands you'd expect:
Satan's Pilgrims, The Dead Elvi, Thee Bomboras,
Deadbolt (who are scary even in the light of day),
The Amazing Crowns, Rocket From The Crypt,
The Swingin' Neckbreakers with the famous
"No Costume, No Candy".
Suck on this one vampires.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Teenage Wolfpack-Buffalo Bop-Go Crazy Man!

Another Buffalo Bop in the series of great songs by obscure artists,
who should've made more records! Another 30 tracks with one really
rare acetate,and it's Sonny Fisher "Rockin' Daddy" wow, that means
it's never been pressed into a single, and that's the only way you could
hear this song. And there's plenty more Class-A rockabilly like these
songs: When Sin Stops, Rockin' Beat, Cotton Pickin' Heartache,
Jello Sal, Hootchi Cootchi Man,Shake Bop, and a groovy little tune
"Whiplash" by Riki And The Rikitones! All from the 1950's, when
people had fallout shelters, and drove very large cars made from
real thick metal, and the led sled was born. I come from a long line
of car enthusiasts, and we always date ourselves by our cars.
Copy and paste into your browser and warm up the tube amp!

Young And Wild-Buffalo Bop- Be-Boppin' Daddy

Young And Wild! features 30 more tracks of Rockabilly fun!
I think this one's another winner, because "Wildcat" by The Nitecaps
is on it, plus other fabulous song track titles like: A-Bomp Bop,
Don't Need No Job, Not For Love Or Money, Sharpest Little Girl,
I'm Not Crazy, and Rock All Night With Me. Even the songs like
I Just Can't Go On remain fun,upbeat, and don't sound at all like
he's suffering one bit. It's the fun, fun, fun rockabilly sound where
kids were innocent,and life seemed simpler then, didn't it?
Again, copy and past into your browser for the magic to happen.
I guaranty a good time for all.

Tattle Tale-Buffalo Bop- Froggy Went A-Rockin'

Whoo hoo this one's fun! I especially love 30 more tracks of fun
rockabilly, and thee best song "Hot Dog" By Buck Owens should
get you crazy...and wanting to hear lots more Buck Owens...
because hey -he's kinda fun! And he rocks!
And don't forget the other unusually wonderful rockabilly singles
like : Cause I Love You,Knock Off The Rock, Cotton Pickin' Mama,
I Squeeze Her, Rock-A-Rumba,and of course Froggy Went A Rockin'
is swell! I need not say more, you get it and that's all a person needs to
say, the music is cool jewel. You're gonna have to copy and paste this
one into your browser...cause I don't know what I did to my upload
manager...whoops.Things happen.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hasil Adkins-Chicken Walk Buffalo Bop

One of my favorite crackpots,Hasil Adkins. It's pronounced
"Hassle" not "Hay-zil" He's considered an "outsider artist" but he
once claimed he just had "bad microphones". I would have to agree
with Hasil. And that's what must have prevented him from having
that "big hit". Success eludes a lot of us Hasil. He was a warm hearted
sweet guy, that slightly scared the hell out of me,when you saw him
live in person.You just never knew what the heck was going to happen
at his shows. Either way, once you hear the music it either grows on
you,or you shake your head in confusion. If you shake your head
with confusion, I don't know why you're even on this site! And you're
not cool. He was a one man band, and drove to every show
a la Chuck Berry styled touring,and played all of his own instruments
all by his own bad self. He's a one of a kind.
And I assure you this disc is way out of print and worth getting, right
along with his opus "Poultry In Motion" disc from Norton Records.
Wake up before the coolness passes you by you sheep-people.
He's already passed onto hillbilly heaven, and he died while on tour.
Born April 29th, 1936 Passed on to the great geetar in the sky
on April 25th,2005. We should make April Hasil Adkins month
don't you think? Vote "Yes", on your ballot.
On wikipedia, he was billed as country,rock and roll, blues,
and JAZZ! Hmmm. Is that what that is? And he was equally skilled
on the harmonica, and keyboard, and played the guitar, and
drums,and sang all at the same time onstage.There has to be
videos of him on you tube and children,I encourage you to learn
at all times. Oh yeah,there's 30 tracks on this disc. And I'm sort of
angry my favorite song isn't on here, (but at least No More
Hot Dogs is on this) and that's "We Got A Date".
So go and find that song, and tell me what you think.

Juvenile Jungle-Buffalo Boppin' - Switchblade Sam

This one's a doozie,and it's pretty wild! I dig the front cover!
I love the music and great song titles: Switchblade Sam, Hot Lips Baby,
Gone Baby Gone, Let's Paint The Town Red, Darn Dem Bones!
Slippery Sal, So Wild, and Juvenile Delinquent! I'm sure, this is
one of the strongest volumes,with the most fun songs. All tracks
from the original 1950's singles, and most songs clock in at about
2 minutes 10 seconds flat. And nearly all of these volumes have 30
tracks each, and it's worth hearing each and every song.
Thanks for your comments,and it's fun to make these available to
everyone who's a music fanatic, as I am.There's more of these coming!

Ice Cold - Buffalo Bop - Teen Age Machine Age!

Ice Cold is not ice cold-it's red hot baby! I found a lot of tracks
to fall in love with this week; Teen Age Machine Age, Bermuda Shorts,
Gee Whiz!, Miss Secretary, Pajama Party, Walkie Talkie, and yet
another cover of Mule Skinner Blues. Now that should date this
volume to songs about as new as 1960 or so. Because that's when
that terrific hit-out-of-nowhere came out by The Fendermen.
The Fendermen were a pop rockabilly duo in the early 1960s.
Primarily composed of Jim Sundquist (from
and Phil Humphrey(from Stoughton,near Madison WI.)
The group had one big hit record with Mule Skinner Blues released
in 1960 on the Cuca Records Label out of Sauk City,Wisconsin.
The song was a number #3 on the Billboard Charts,so then came a
slew of covers, trying to exploit the hit...but no one really did it as well
as The Fendermen, man! (The Cramps do the best cover version in
my humble opinion, no one can yodel like Lux)

Tuff-E-Nuff - Buffalo Boppin' - Cool Guitar!

First off,it's nice that people like these compilations. Once you
listen to a couple of these, you can become addicted to them
pretty easily. I did, and with so many volumes,I am also never
bored with the music,ever. The tracks that stand out on this volume
are: Wiggle Walkin' Baby, Crazy,Crazy, My Rock And Roll Daddy,
Cool Guitar, It's Witchcraft, and High Classed Baby!
As always,these come along with artwork, and most of these covers
are from actual pulp fiction styled paperbacks, which are also
highly collectible, for their hand drawn artwork. You can actually
google that, and find a mountain of artwork! Plus they're
kind of funny, in a dated sort of way. Again just to keep you
tuned into these,these tracks are from the original 45's-the singles
plucked right out of the 1950's, and many of them were never
reissued on any other disc.A true time machine find. So Go,Man,Go!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jukebox Rock - Buffalo Bop- Put A Nickel In The Jukebox

Jukebox Rock features all songs with themes of guess what?
Jukeboxes! That was what drove the kids wild back then, before
there were affordable home record players, and small tube amps,
the jukebox was king. Every bar,tavern, and small diner had them,
and they still make jukeboxes-if you look online, there's still companies
making vintage looking jukeboxes that play Cd's. For the kid in everyone.
Now they have NEW floor standing,wall mounted jukeboxes,
they're as colorful and grand as can be, some even play mp3's and
ipods! And some are digital download-able models. Imagine that!
They have all of the original brand names; Rowe, Rock-Ola,
and Wurlitzer still being made today. They even have jukeboxes
that still play 45's that are brand new! This particular site at said that jukeboxes have been
around for nearly 100 years! Really cool to check these out!
Getting back to this particular disc; the songs all have the theme of
jukeboxes and some of the titles are: Juke Joint Johnnie,
Jukebox Queen, Jukebox Julie, Jukebox Cannon Ball,
Jukebox Mama, Rock-Ola Ruby, and Juke Box Find My Baby!
Crazy man, crazy!

Flip Flip! -Buffalo Bop- Joe Cool!

Flip Flip really has no theme other than way cool FUN rockabilly!
All various artists,all vintage 1950's rockabilly rock, and it's really
very addictive music! Lotsa songs sung by boys about girls.
The usual thang! Cool titles include: Bop Hop, Crazy Alligator,
Rockin' Chair Twist, Little Heart Attacks, Sharin' Lockers,and
The Gulf Coast Twist. Get 'em all, daddy-o.

Rockin' Orbit-Buffalo Bop- Gonna Ride The Satelite!

This one has a definite theme to it-all space rockabilly!This one
just might be my favorite, since I love 1950's monster and sci-fi
movies from that era. My favorite movies are Tarantula,
The Creature From The Black Lagoon, and the super early film
The Day The Earth Stood Still. And who wouldn't love these
songs titles: Orbit With Me, The Martian Band, Moon Eyes,
Monkey On The Moon, Planetary Run, Flying Saucer Boogie,
Rocket To The Moon, The Little Space Girl....and how about
this one Zippy Hippy Dippy! They don't even know what
outer space is like, so the songs are pretty funny in many ways.
Wildy entertaining disc! I'm koo koo for this one.

Out For Kicks- Buffalo Bop- Livin' For Your Lovin'

Wild Wild Wild Rockabilly, 30 more tracks from this series that will
go on until I posted them all, or I will at least try to! The theme of this
one seems to be wild and crazy with songs like: You Drive Me Crazy,
Lover's Lane Blues, Gone Gone Gone, Got The Bull By The Horns,
and my favorite being Livin' For Your Lovin'. You can't beat it!
Again, all of the songs come from the original 45's from vinyl, so
they sound like a old jukebox playing from some kind of time machine.

Rockabilly Cats-Buffalo Bop- The Joint's Really Jumpin'

Whoo Hoo more rockabilly! Another 30 tracks-o-fun from the original
artists in the 1950's, This one has no other theme other than rockabilly
guys just screaming away....Great songs include: Old Red Devil,
Clickety Clack, Topsy- Turvey, Stood Up Blues, and of course
The Joint's Really Jumpin'. These are so much fun. Collect them all.
Included are the scans of the front and back so you can keep score.
Later gators.