Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buffalo Bop - Rock And Roll Riot - Sonny Flaharty "My Baby's Casual"

Okay,I know I haven't been posting much lately. But sometimes
you get busy with work ,and life, and other things. But fear not, I'm
not really gone, I'm still here. Just have things to do! At least I have this
one ready to go, and don't worry,I'll be back. I have more rockabilly
to share. This volume is one of the best in the series of Buffalo Bops,
and is yet another 30 fantastic tracks of original rock from the 50's.
Some of it even early 60's. The one track that stands out, is Sonny
Flaharty doing a track called My Baby's Casual. There's no evidence
yet that says yes or no, but that could very well be the same Sonny
Flaharty that recorded the awesome 60's garage tune " Hey Conductor".
I'm still not sure, internet does not tell me for sure if he was an early
rocker from the 50's,but his voice surely says yes to me. Sounds like
the same dude. But that's not the only highlight here. There's 29 more
awesome rockabilly rock tracks to sink your teeth into. And I've also
included the scans, and all the goodies I can for you. Link is in the
comments, as usual, stay tuned. I've got more soon.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lux Interior of The Cramps- Dead At 60

Yeah I'm bumming out in a major way tonight.Go to The Cramps.com
and sign their guest book, and make sure you pay tribute to one of thee
best bands I ever saw play live. The coolest music,and the most
striptease live show! Talk about giving your "all", onstage!
They don't
make 'em like this guy anymore.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Buddy Holly Tour Photo 1959

I bought this photo at a music convention,many years
and the seller told me he took this photo of Buddy Holly
at a show
in either Wisconsin or Minnesota in 1959. I couldn't
remember which show.
The photographer is Timothy D. Kehr,
and I tried to call him
but the phone number was changed,so I could
not ask permission to
post this photo. Well, hopefully he won't be
too angry at me for
posting it. But I think the photo should be seen,and
shared with other music
fanatics. I guess Tim was a young teen
when he snapped this wonderful photo! I proudly display this
framed around some other photos of Buddy's fans,so
they can all hang out together.
I love this picture, especially the way Buddy holds his guitar close.