Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stomper Time Records -Fernwood Rockabillies- Have Guitar Will Travel

I really stink as a blogger, letting all of you rockabilly fans go
alone without something. So here's a taste of some other rockabilly
from another label so much like Buffalo Bop.They raid the
give you 35 tracks! Yow! And when I find more of these I'll
sure post 'em.
(as long as I'm not hurtin' anyone's feelings)
Look at the cover of this release,
and who do you see? Look at those
three guys leaning on that car! Scotty Moore,Bill Black who largely
run this label,and play on many of the tracks...and....
who's in the middle,but Elvis.
That should tell you what you're going
to get, some rockabilly music from the Fernwood label and the
Memphis area.
Oh, sure some of the bands might be from across
the state line, or a state or two over, but largely your getting music
that was 1956 Memphis in it's rockabilly heyday buzzing days.

Some of the bands released tracks as late as
1965, but they didn't know what year it was, and they must
have been living in a bomb shelter,or never wanted to know Beatlemania
took over.
Shh,don't tell them,otherwise you'd never hear this great stuff.
Link in the you know where.

Buffalo Bop - Dee Jay Jamboree Records Presents: Doo Wop From Rome Records - Do-Re-Mi Rock!

27 Tracks from Rome Records 1960-1962 Doo Wop from the
DJ Jamboree label
,which is a side label from Buffalo Bop. In the
tradition of
my Buffalo Bop posts, this is but another one that I
have not posted yet. I wasn't sure if my dear readers would groove
to the sounds of Doo Wop music at all, but give it a try. It does sound
old fashioned to most people,but some things just might actually grow
on you after listening to them. It's super rare music in the same tradition
of the usual Buffalo Bop rockabilly, and I will feature more of these as
I find them,I'll post 'em. Thanks loyal supporters,the link is in the
comments,along with the artwork, and such.