Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jack O' Fire- The Destruction Of Squaresville-More Twisted Blues

Now,this band, I was lucky to see play live.They did several shows in
Chicago as part of the Estrus Records live showcases that feature all of
the latest and greatest bands on that label, and this was surely a great
band. No longer performing together, because they all splintered off into
many other groups, and putting out records of their own. Too bad.
Because I thought this band was really incredible. I never heard a
punk band mix in blues standards like this, and make it sound so cool.
This band features Austin, Texas's best indie/punk guitar player
Tim Kerr, who was also in twenty other bands(it seems): The Big Boys,
Monkeywrench, Poison 13,The Lord High Fixers,and quite a few others.
I would call Tim Kerr the 21st Century renaissance man. Since he plays
other instruments, makes visual art, and records many other bands.
And records them well-check out The Cynics (Get Hip Records) recent
records, which have revitalized them musically more than ever!
He has a website put together just by his fans, that's how well loved
he really is. He's also in the Texas Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.
If you liked the Doo Rag disc I posted a little while back, then you're
going to love this too. Just give it a chance and it'll grow on you.
I promise, you might like it! Judging from the tracks, this should really
want to make you investigate this further!
Doesn't this track list make you wanna hear it?
1. Asked For Water (Howlin' Wolf )
2. Meet Your Death (Blind Willie McTell)
3. No Love Lost (Joy Division)
4. Moanin' At Midnight (Howlin Wolf)
5. Hate To See You Go (Little Walter)
6. Can't Tell No One (Negative Approach)
7. Own-Up Time (Small Faces)
8. Judgement Day (The Pretty Things)
9. Let's Get Funky (Hound Dog Taylor)
10. So What (The Lyrics)
11. 7th Son (Willie Dixon)
12. Stand By (The Sabyrs)
13. Boss Hoss (The Sonics)
14. Jackie-O (The Beguiled)
15. Slow Down Little Jaguar (Chuck Berry)

Poison 13- Wine Is Red,Poison Is Blue- Twisted Blues Punk Rock

Out of the ashes of Austin's premier punk band the Big Boys,
came Poison 13. Their recorded output came out in 1984-85
on small independent labels, and this release collects all of the
good stuff on one disc. I never got to see them play live. I was
unlucky, and they did not tour the area I lived in. But I've heard
of their shows as being legendary. Huge events where everyone
in the band pretty much went nuts onstage, and so the audience
would also go nuts. I always loved their songs. Odd covers like
Codine written by Buffy St. Marie, When I Was Young, the
Animals' chestnut, A Troggs cover-Strange Movies, and the best
yet, a cover of The Pleasure Seekers, What A Way To Die.
Even taking stabs at Joy Division, The Sonics, and some older
rockabilly numbers like Love Me. What band can play these
songs and do it well? These guys! Everything sounds a little
damaged too, not perfect, and I like that sound.
This release also features some unreleased things, and for that
reason alone,well worth tracking down. They are part of the
rich history of Austin Texas bands, and even played shows
regularly with Roky Erickson. What a cool trainwreck those
shows must have been. Here's the tracks; it's at least, fun!
1. One Step Closer 2. Seventh Son 3. My Biggest Mistake
4. Spoonful 5. Out On The Streets 6. Big City Lights
7. Die For Me 8. Codine 9. Grip On My Heart 10. Justice
11. When I Was Young 12. Blank Generation
13. Hellbound Train 14. First You Dream,And Then You Die,
15. Strange Movies 16. Can't Cry 17. Parchman Farm
18. She's The One 19. What A Way To Die
20. I'm Dangerous Tonight 21. Love Me 22. Strychnine
23. Warsaw

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Screaming Jay Hawkins- Voodoo Jive- No Jive Turkey!

Continuing the series of Screaming Lord Sutch with Screamin' Jay Hawkins,
two slightly over the top performers...
we have one of my favorite releases ever!
This one is the Best Of Screaming Jay Hawkins.What a colorful person!
"Screamin' Jay never really wanted to be a R & B or rock performer!
He really wanted to sing opera, or become a big voiced baritone
in the style of Paul Robeson.
"My first idol, that started me towards show business was
Paul Robeson, in high school, I had the opportunity of study opera,
and opera is what I've been wanting to do all of my life. But being poor
and being black, and you wanna make some money quick, and opera
don't get on the charts that often" recalls Hawkins.
He became a musician and performer of the curious kind!
Had Hawkins wanted to, he also could have been a champion boxer.
At the age of 14 he won the Cleveland Amateur Golden Gloves Diamond
Contest and upon entering the army, he won the
Middleweight Championship of Alaska. He endured such a beating
at the hands of Billy McCann that he quit without defending the title.
Fortunate for me,and many of his fans, he became a music performer.
And the rest is history, but what a history.It doesn't stop there,
it begins there! He has a rich and color past worth investigating,
And I really think it's time someone either wrote a complete book
about him and get Tim Burton to direct the film.
I always thought quietly to myself -wrestling,boxing and being a
musician were really all the same, aren't they? It's all entertainment!
The material on this best of compilation comes from 1956-1969, even
though Screamin' started recording in 1951, "I Put A Spell On You"
became his first big hit and signature song in 1956.There's a huge long
history of Screaming Jay in the liner notes, and I'd rather you found
this disc and read that yourself, because it's freaky and cool!
Or even better do yourself a favor and Google him and
Screaming Lord Sutch and you'll see that they were really cut from the
same cloth! One was inspired by the other-a little known fact!
He's one of a kind, and we'll never have another one like him again!
July 18, 1929- February 12, 2000. But he never really left us, did he?

Screaming Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends- Two On One = Fun!

Is it a serious recording or was it a party for the cream of the crop rock
artists of the UK at the time? Both! Anytime you have Keith Moon involved,
it's a A-Bomb explosion. He doesn't do anything halfway. Also featured
on this are Jimmy Page,John Bonham, Jeff Beck, Noel Redding,
Nicky Hopkins, Ritchie Blackmore, and a few more hipsters.
When did they have time to record this? Lord Sutch is a lively character,
from the earliest 60's, who had a pretty face, and got somehow involved
with politics in England,and actually ran for Parliament 3 times.
He was a performer and a musician,with his platform being "Votes At 18",
"Beatles Memorial College" and "Enforced Birth Control". Of course
with so many young people born after World War 2, there's were
plenty of young supporters, and people who wanted to see England
swing a lot more.
"Watching Lord Sutch perform is like watching Arthur Brown,
Jerry Lee Lewis, and James Brown all rolled into one".Imagine that!
What a showman! This release combines 2 classic albums:
Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends (Fiends really)
from 1970, and Hands Of Jack The Ripper from 1972.
This release has 20 tracks, with one terrific long medley of 1950's tunes.
All of these guys loved the 1950's American rock records
and grew up on that, so there's a lot of "Great Balls of Fire",
"Long Tall Sally", "Jenny Jenny" , "Keep A Knockin'",
and "Tutti Frutti" included with some over the top playing.
The unforgettable Screaming Lord Sutch
November 10,1940- June 16,1999.
May he rock the heavens!
Get it here:

The Crawdaddys- Here 'Tis- Voxx Roxx!

"You're Gonna Need My Love Someday" is a simple yet great
example of a band that mixes the 60's sound,some blues, some rave up
sounds, and makes a perfect little pop hit. Although it wasn't like a
charted hit, it still sounds like one. It really moves along.
They plunder the 60's vaults very nicely with "She Just Satisfies",
a terrific cover of an obscure Jimmy Page song, from when he
was thee guitar session God of the early to mid 1960's.
There's also a Slim Harpo cover, even a Leiber-Stoller cover.
15 tracks total to groove to! I love it when the bands use the
original master tapes to put these out, and don't try to change
them or alter the way the sound back from the 1980's.
Leave it alone,and let it be what it is!
I nice time capsule of coolness. Dig it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Crawdaddys- Crawdaddy Express- 1980's Garage Monsters!

Don't be just a fan of 60's music without listening to the
1980's bands-they were called "The Paisley Underground" for years.
These bands were not slouches either! They introduced a lot of
garage music to me.I guess I can't help but group so many of them together:
The Fuzztones, Plasticland, The Chesterfield Kings, Plan 9, Thee Fourgiven,
The Sick Rose,The Untold Fables, The Vipers,Yard Trauma,
and the power pop sounds of The Vertebrats--they all did some
incredible styled 60's music. (I know I'm forgetting some bands here-
sorry-this just comes flowing out of my little head)
I think a lot of these bands were great,they were all fans of the 60's sound,
and always did some amazing original songs along with some obscure
outstanding covers right out of their record collections.These bands
certainly brought back good rock and roll into vogue. The Crawdaddys
were part of that group, and I have two wonderful things I want to offer
you here; this particular Voxx Records release, and Here 'Tis.
I was impressed by these guys right away, and bought everything
I saw by them whenever I could get my greasy little hands on it!
Thanks to Voxx for compiling all the singles,and EP's on these releases.
What would we do without Voxx Records for putting out some of the
best stuff? What also comes to mind from Voxx Records are the
Battle Of The Garages series. Which, really are "must-haves" for your
collection (along with The Crawdaddys!)
I'm giving you a garage education, now sit up straight, and pay attention!
This release features 22 tracks, I guess my favorites are the terrific
Willie Dixon covers. They are fab! Get on board the Crawdaddy Express.

Storm In The Garage Volume 3 Various Artists Garage Rock

Frankenstein rocks!
The final and third volume in this series,which I think is pretty great
whenever they include the complete single.
25 more garage-psych mid sixties head spinners for your pleasure:
1. The Intruders- She's Mine
2. The Intruders- Now That You Know
3. The Jujus- Do You Understand Me
4. The Jujus- I'm Really Sorry
5. The Kyks- Where Are You
6. The Kyks- When Love Comes Searching For Me
7. The Little Boy Blues- I Can Only Give you Everything
8. The Little Boy Blues- You Don't Love Me
9. Little Phil & The Night Shadows- 60 Second Swinger
10. Little Phil & The Night Shadows- In The Air
11. The Motifs- Molly
12. The Motifs- If I Gave You Love
13. The Romans- You Do Something To Me
14. The Romans- I'll Find A Way
15. The Fabulous "Rumbles"- Everybody's Talkin'
16. The Fabulous "Rumbles"- The Truth Hurts More Than Lies
17. The Soulbenders- 7 And 7 Is
18. The Soulbenders- Petals
19. The Undertakers- Unchain My Heart
20. The Undertakers- It's My Time
21. Damnation Of Adam Blessing- Painter
22. Finch- Nothing In The Sun
23. Finch- Let It Be
24. The Vagrants- The Final Hour
25. The Vagrants- Your Hasty Heart
Complete with scans of front/back artwork, you groovy ghoulies!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Storm In The Garage Volume 2 Various Artists Cavemen!

Volume 2 of Storm In The Garage features 24 tracks of more
primeval garage and psych. Again, the cool thing is, the A side
of the single plus the B side.This is disc 2 of 3 frumious bandersnatch!
Here's the tracks for hipsters only, no squares allowed:
1. The Trolls-Stupid Girl
2. The Trolls-I Don't Recall
3. The Vagrants- Young Blues
4. The Vagrants-I Can't Make A Friend
5. The Fax- I'll Go Crazy
6. The Lost & Founds- If I Needed Someone
7. The Boy Blues- Coming Down (To You)
8. The Boy Blues- Living Child
9. Bush- Got Love If You Want It
10. Bush- Feeling Sad And Lonely
11. The Cardinals- I'm Gonna Tell On You
12. The Cardinals- When You're Away
13. Chessmann Square- Circles
14. David- I'm Not Alone
15. David- Sweet December
16. Disraeli- Spinin' Round
17. Disraeli- What Will The New Day Bring?
18. The Epics- White Collar House
19. The Epics- She Believed In Me
20. The Esquires- Time Don't Mean So Much
21. The Esquires- Summertime
22. The Fabulous Prophets- Gertrude
23. The Fabulous Prophets- Another Girl.
Ooh, gosh I noticed a typo on the original CD. There appears
to be a track 13, then 15. I guess I missed this when I started
getting this ready for the blog. You're guess is as good as mine.
I get 24 tracks on my player,so it appears we have a bonus track
somewhere on this. Weird! Well, let's turn this into something fun.
If you know the track, write me! You'll be helping everyone else out!
And I know everyone will appreciate that. It could be a flip side to
The Fax single, The Lost & Founds or The Chessmann Square.
Have fun!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Storm In The Garage Volume 1 Various Artists- MORE Mid 1960's Rock

Sometimes,you can always tell from the outside what's
on the inside. This series features more of that mid 60's garage
rock that we love so much. What's so cool about this one Mojo?
Um, it's got most of the singles complete, the A sides AND the B sides.
You shouldn't ever overlook the B sides.There's some gems on the B sides,
and you should always flip the record over, to see what it sounds like.
That's where a lot of surprising hits were found, actually.
Back in the 60's, DJ's were allowed to play the B sides, and also
allowed to make up their own minds what to play,and what might be
great song. Now you're being spoon fed your music, unless you actually
go out and buy records, and CD''s, your diet sucks of just radio
friendly hits. Someone else has made up your mind for you what you
should hear. And you should broaden your horizons. Okay, enough
of that. This series has some cool stuff:
1. The Alliance-Somewhere They Can't Find Me
2. The Alliance-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
3. The Benders- Can't Tame Me
4. The Benders- Got Me Down
5. The Cirkyt- That's The Way Life Is
6. The Cirkyt- Six Page Letter
7. The Doppler Effect- God Is Alive In Argentina
8. The Doppler Effect- Memphis Woman
9. The Intruders- Total Raunch
10. The Intruders- Ruins
11. Lawson & Four More- If You Want Me You Can Find Me
12. Lawson & Four More- Back For More
13. Lime- Soul Kitchen
14. Lime- Love A Go-Go
15. The Marauders- Since I Met you
16. The Marauders- I Don't Know How
17. Thee Saints & The Prince Of Darkness- Hey Girl!
18. Thee Saints & The Prince Of Darkness- Running Away From You
19. The Sirs- Help Me
20. The Sirs- Off In A Day Dream
21. The Soubenders- Hey Joe
22. The Soulbenders- I Can't Believe In Love

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 10 - 60's Garage Band Flashback

Volume 10, so now you're all set: 18 more tracks:
The Outcasts : Nothing But Love, Something About You,
The Sting Rays : I'm Back In Line, You're The Reason,
The Mad Hatters : Go Fight Alone, A Pebble In My Sand,
The Intruders : Temporary Insanity, The Lone Stranger,
The Comets : The Last Time,
The Englishmen : Summer Is Here, 96 Tears,
The Trees : Do You Think About It Now (Feeling Groovy)
and The Only Life For Me.
The Shades : Gingerbread Man,
George Washington & The Cherry Pickers : The Backshelf Of Your Mind,
Eddie Cunningham & The Lone Rangers : Girl Don't Change Your Mind,
The Marauders : Wipe Out, Lonely Sea.
And there you have it.

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 9- Psychedelic Garage Bands

The last two volumes here. A nice series, to add to your
collection, 18 more tracks: The first four really are pretty rockin'...
The Lemon Drops : It Happens Everyday, I Live In The Springtime,
The Nuchez : Open Up Your Mind,
The Human Expression : Readin' Your Will, Everynight,
The Kreeg : For Your Love, I'm Over You,
The Morning Dew : Sycamore Dreamer (previously unreleased version)
and Our Last Song (also previously unreleased mix).
The Outcasts : Walk On By,
The Penthouse 5 : It's All My Own Bizarre Dream,
The Deep : Pink Ether, Psychedelic Moon,
The Pagens : Mystic Cloud,
The Lemon : Summer, Lemon Fog,
Smokin' Bananas : Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Wait Wait.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 8 - Stomping Garage Band Legends

The Unrelated Segments photo: five of the geekiest geeks,
making the best garage music ever!
Don't let those JC Penney suits their Moms bought for them
fool you, they can rock!
Now this is the best volume in the series. Why,because it has
The Unrelated Segments on it, AND The Innsmen,
The Outcasts ,The Headstones Carrol's Mood,
these are all classic garage tunes, some have been
comped to death.But I really never get tired of hearing any great
garage track. Do you?
Here we go: (this is how the tracks are listed)
(I just list things the way they are printed to preserve it as it's presented)
The Unrelated Segments : The Story Of My Life,Where You Gonna Go,
The Shandells,Inc.: Say What I Mean, Just Cry,
The Mixed Emotions : Marie, I Lied,
The Innsmen : Things Are Different Now, I Don't Know,
Carrol's Mood : What You're Doing To Me, Out She Goes,
The Outcasts : I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining, Route 66,
The Headstones : 24 Hours (Everyday), Bad Day Blues,
The Apollos : Dirty Water, I'm Crying,
The Fronts : Catch A Thief, The Haul.
You know, if you collect the singles,and from other comps,
they have the songs listed incorrectly on this. I guess the people at
Collectables don't read the labels as well. It's really
I'm in Pittsburgh(And It's Raining). The Outcasts shared the same
stage with The 13th Floor Elevators, Peter & Gordon,
Gerry And The Pacemakers (now,Gerry has a pacemaker-ha ha),
and The Rolling Stones....and many others. Mike Post was in
this band,the name might be familiar, he produced the first 3 albums
for the First Edition, and he's the 70's-80's TV theme king; he wrote
the music for many "cop shows" like Law & Order,The Rockford Files,
and Hill Street Blues. That is so, not garage, but it's a job!

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 7 - Mind Expanding Punk Of The 60's

Ah,Volume 7 Mind Expanding Punk Of The 60's.
I'm not so sure about the mind expanding part, but hey,
here it is, another volume of 6T's garage just for you...At least
you're getting another garage music fix, and I understand that
The band on here that really matters the most is The Tidal Waves!
The band that does Action(Speaks Louder Than Words). This
is one of the highlights on this disc,as well as The Kings Court
track Don't Put Me On, both songs extremely catchy, and,
really move along the lines of garage rock. The song Action,
is like a mini rave up, so give it a listen and a chance.
And they start off this wonderful release with...
The Tidal Waves : Action(Speaks Louder Than Words), Farmer John,
The Tidal Waves(different group): Farmer John, Laugh,
Tony Lane & The Fabulous Spades: Baby, Please Don't Go,
and Baby,What You Want Me To Do.
The Outcasts : Boom Boom Boom, Gloria,
The Basement Wall : We Ain't Got Nothing Yet, Louie Louie,
The Fugitives : You Can't Catch Me, On The Run,
The Lewallen Brothers : Wine,Wine,Wine
The Missing Links :Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying,
The Sting Rays: Eight Days A Week, Baby, If I Loved You,
The Kings Court : In The Midnight Hour, Don't Put Me On.
Another 18 tracks for your pleasure.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 6 - Rarities From The Psychedelic Vaults

Okay if you pick up any volume it's this one. Because rarely does one
get a chance to hear much less own a copy of a 60's demo track.
And this volume contains two. And not just any demo tracks,
but two tracks from The Human Expression. Probably one of thee
best garage bands around, their output was limited only to a handful of
singles,and that's it! So that's rare, and special.
Here's the band and song listings:
The Human Expression : Optical Sound (demo),Calm Me Down(demo),
Sunset Love : Run To The Sun, Reach Out,
The Frantics : Relax Your Mind, Just For A While,
Seompi: Summer's Coming On Heavy, Slide Slide.
The Buzzsaw : Saturn Is Just A Few Days Away, Death Calls,
Watermelon : Popsicle Girl, You Got It,
The Love Flowers : Peace & Love, Nirvana,
The Arkay IV : Demotion, Valley Of Conneaut Creek,
The Morning Dew : Someday, Flying Above Myself.
Again, worthy for just the first two tracks. This volume is
far more psych (circa '67 and later) than it is garage rock
circa '65-'66,so beware of the hippy dippies.

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 5 - Gems From The Garage Band Vaults

Green Crystal Ties Volume 5 has another 18 tracks for your
garage pleasure! This is also a strong volume:
SJ & The Crossroads : Funny Girl, London Girl,
The North Atlantic Invasion Force : Blue Light In The Window,
and I Won't Be Back.
The Outer Limits : Walkin' Away, The Waves,
The Nickel Bag : The Woods, It's A Hassle,
(both great garage psych classics),
The Tempos : Two Timer, You're Not Here,
Marcus : 1983, The Life Game,
The Movin' Morfomen : Try It, What's Happened To Me,
The Morning Dew : Touch Of Magic, No More
("No More" was also featured on the recent Garage Beat '66
Series on Sundazed Records-also worth getting -it's a must!)
The Bluethings : Waiting For Changes, and Hollow.
Scans all included. Enjoy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 4 - Mind Expanding 60's Psychedelia

Volume 4 says "Mind Expanding 60's Psychedelia". Hmm...
Let me know after you hear it, if your mind was "expanded".
Here's the tracks list:
The Uncalled For: Since You've Been Gone, Master Of War,
The Exotics: Queens Of Shadows, and I Was Alone (the best)
The Outside In :You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees,
Hydro Pyro: Id ,and Hydro Pyro.
The Word D: Keep On Walking (also a great little song),
and You're Gonna Make Me.
Knightsbridge: Make Me Some Love,
(yeah,this one is kind of mind expanding) CJ Smith,
The District 6: She Cried No (also good),
7 and 7 Is (originally by the band Love,yet another cover tune).
The Couriers: I Couldn't Care Less, Just Tell Me,
The Stowaways: What A Shame, It Won't Be Wrong,
and It's Only Love.
If you've never heard Knightsbridge "Make Me Some Love",
you don't know what you're missing here. It's simple,very catchy,
and I think there's something weird in that water!

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 3 - Gloria Meets 96 Tears

Volume 3 of this series is named after 2 fairly common covers tunes.
These two songs are actually the weakest songs on the compilation.
Guys, it's better to save those cover tunes for your live shows, and
not bother recording them,because usually the original versions
are much much better, and are hard to compete with. I simply
don't want to hear another version of Gloria or 96 Tears.
No one can do 96 Tears like ? And The Mysterions. And I don't
really want to hear another version where the band plumped up
their version by saturating with "More Reverb". No thanks!
But there's plenty of other things on this to get excited about.
Here's the track listing:
The Beefeaters: Don't Hurt Me(this is GREAT!),Change My Mind,
(Also a decent song by itself)
The US Britons: Come On, and I'll Show You A Man,
The Chevelle 5: Come Back Bird, I'm Sorry Girl,
The Debonairs: Lonely Is the Summer(awesome instro that's weird!)
(No this is not the same band that did "Never Mistaken"-I believe)
Yesterday's Children: Love & Things, Gloria,
The Stumblin' Blox: It's Alright (also pretty decent),
The Bonnevilles: 96 Tears (unoriginal!)
The Reymen: Little Latin Lupe Lu, Shop Around,
The Lewallen Brothers: Tough He Was, Only A Dream,
The Sidewinders: Tears From Laughing, Charley Aikens,
The Infinite Pyramid: On A Windowsill.
The Beefeaters are the strongest band on this compilation.
Hell, most bands from Texas really all knew how to rock the
house,there were plenty of other bands to compete with on the
scene.And when you have THAT many other bands vying for the
same stage,and all trying to get signed or open up for the larger rock
bands,you get a healthy dose of local bands that are all competing,
and are one single away from being another great hit band.
Competition is all good, as we get more music because of it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 2 - The Best Of The 60's Garage Band Scene

Volume 2 of this series features 18 tracks and here's the list :
The Basement Wall: Never Existed(Version #2 Reprise),You,
The New Breed: Woman, I'll Come Running,
The Blue Things: You Can't Say We Never Tried, Pennies,
The Barracudas: I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better, Not Fade Away,
King Richard & The Knights: I Don't Need You, How About Now,
The Missing Links: The Crowded Part Of Town,You Make Me Feel Good,
The Esquires: Judgement Day, These Are The Tender Years,
The Penthouse 5: You're Gonna Make Me, You're Always Around,
The Sounds Unlimited: About You,Keep Your Hands Off Of It.
Comes complete with artwork,scans of the front and back!
If you've ever tried the program coverxp,you can convert the scans
easily to fit a perfect CD frame. Try it,it's a free program on the net.
It's a huge time saver, and the scans look professional.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 1 - 60's Garage Band Rebels

Starting another series of "Things You Need", because you need it if
you don't already have it. So,what's so good about this Mojo?
Well, it has demos, it has clear sounding versions of songs, it does
contain some A-sides and B-sides, it's pretty to look at. The covers
are nice. For me,you really cannot beat those unreleased versions of
ANY garage song. It's like hearing a new version of an old friend.
And that's what made me think this was worthy of posting for you.
Yeah, you might complain (but why,this is free-ish, kinda) and you
already might have these singles, but so what. These sound pretty
good for those lousy CD's. I think Collectables did a GREAT JOB
on these packages, after all, I kept seeing "Garage Compilations"
for years with the same songs on them....Now, we're seeing a lot
more comps with "uncomped" or "for the first time on CD", which
is fine for me, because all I want is more music I haven't heard before.
This series,at the time 1998 was a welcomed sight for my sore eyes.
The liner notes on these are brief, and vague,just like the bands.
They will not tell you the catalog number or the band's original
single label, but they will tell you where the band is from
(and get it right) and tell you when the songs were recorded.
So it's worth tracking these down. The booklets are smaller,
fold out affairs with some information. So this is all good for any
garage music collector. Again, and with wishful thinking I could put
some other songs in that are missing, and make a better set.
There are a few wild clunkers on this series, but each disc has 18 or
so tracks.But not that many clunkers. It's also tilted a bit towards
garage AND psych music. And I'm more of a garage rocker myself
circa '66, and not much into the hippy dippy stuff. Sorry...
that's The Bag I'm in Baby. (No, The Fabs aren't on here)
Here's the tracklist for you fellow garage pack rats:
The Bad Seeds:A Taste Of The Same, I'm A King Bee,
The Zackary Thaks:Won't Come Back, Face To Face (excellant!)
The Illusions: Gloria,Try (I could do without all of the covers)
The Outlaws: Fun,Fame & Fortune (great pounding garage tune),
and Worlds Apart.
The Liberty Bell: Reality Is The Only Answer, Something For Me,
The Nomads:My Little Red Book,Situations,
Micheal: People See IV,My Last Day,
Kubla Khan: Revolution II, Help Yourself,
The Zachary Thaks (again): My Door(unreleased version) and
Green Crystal Ties (unreleased version) Pick And choose what you like,
and throw the rest away, I still think it's a great series.
No complaining allowed! Just small whining is ok.
And yes, all 10 will be posted!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 100th Post To Me! Featuring The Birds-The Collector's Guide To The British Birds

Happy 100th post to me! I still don't know if I'm doing it right...
But my heart is in it. Here's one of my favorite discs; The Birds featuring
Ron Wood. Art Wood's younger brother! Art Wood inspired Ronny
to get a band together. And I also want to post some Artwoods for
you folks who might not know about The Artwoods too. I think they
are all good, UK mid 1960's rock,so it all fits on here!
Here's the tracks, so have some fun:
You're On My Mind, You Don't Love Me(You Don't Care)
Leaving Here, Next In Line, No Good Without You Baby,
How Can It Be?, You're On My Mind(Original Demo),
You Don't Love Me (Original Demo), Say Those Magic Words,
Daddy Daddy, Run Run Run(Unissued), Good Times (Unissued),
Say Those Magic Words (Alternate), Daddy Daddy (Alternate),
La Poupee Qui Fait Non (Unissued), Run Run Run (Alternate),
Daddy Daddy (Backing Track),
Granny Rides Again (Unissued single track).
Worth a listen, since it's hard to find, OOP, and a great part of music
history. Lemme(Motorhead) Kilmister's favorite band, I believe...And
look at that smart picture of those young mods up there. That's a good
enough reason to join a band, I think.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 5 -Garage Education 101

Volume 5, and you should have the beginnings the the garage disease. It
would appear somewhat skin blotchy at first, then you get a full break out
in hives,and you start itching for more of this music, and can never get
enough of it. Listen to it, and you'll see what I mean.
Then pretty soon, you'll be buying more garage records,and you could
have bought a house by now,but instead you have a lot of rare garage
records. It happens to all of us.But hey,I'm happy with my garage records.
The house would probably be worthless now in this economy, but the
garage records would be still worth what they are really worth!
That's like early investing in Google stock right? Yeah I think so...
But,I'm only happy to pass this kind of musical disease onto you
kind younger folks. Here's the tracks to Volume 5:
The Tree "No Good Woman", The Gentlemen "It's A Crying Shame",
The 5 Canadians "Writing On The Wall", Satori "Time Machine",
The Leather Boy "Shadows", The William Penn Fyve "Swami"
(the third best garage punk psych record ever),
The Fe Fi Four Plus 2 "I Wanna Come Back",
The Bitter End "Find Somebody To Love", The Satyrs "Yesterday's Hero",
The State Of Mind "Move", Yesterday's Children "Wanna Be With You",
Thursday's Children "You'll Never Be My Girl", and "Air Conditioned Man",
The Tropics "I Want More", The Black & Blues "Come To Me",
The Gants "Smoke Rings", Billy McKnight "You're Doin' Me Wrong",
The Glass Sun "Silence Of The Morning",
The Plastic Blues Band "Gone", The Palace Guards "No Comin' Back",
The Turfits "Losin' One", The Jury "Who Dat?"

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 4 Garage Punk Mayhem!

Goofy Grape colored fun! Here's the track listing for Volume 4:
The Dearly Beloved "Flight 13",
Gonn "Doin' Me In"(the second best garage punk record ever!),
The Quid "Crazy Thing", Satan & The D Men "She'll Lie",
The Haunted "Vapeaur Mauve",
Phil & The Frantics "Till You Get What You Want",
The Grodes "Cry A Little Longer", Bobby Fuller "I Fought The Law",
The Groupies "I'm A Hog For You",
The Debonaires "Never Mistaken", The Oxford Circle "Foolish Woman",
The Edgin Inds "Don't Try To Hide It",
The Bethlehem Exit "Blues Concerning My Girl",The Spades "We Sell Soul",
The Final Solution "So Long Goodbye",
The Orange Wedge "From The Tomb To The Womb",
The Choir "I'm Going Home", The Mile Ends "Bottle Up And Go",
Kit & The Outlaws" Don't Tread On Me", The Omens "Searching",
The Id "The Rake", J.D. Blackfoot "Epitaph For A Head".
All crazy people ahead of their time, doncha think?

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 3 - The Best Volume

Volume 3, my favorite one of this particular series.
Why? Because look at this track list:
Dave Diamond & The Higher Elevation "The Diamond Mine",
(the DJ from Los Angeles 1960's radio-yes that one!)
Teddy & His Patches "Suzy Creamcheese"
The Crystal Chandelier " Suicidal Flowers",
The Naked Truth "The Wall", Vox Wah Wah Ad (Electric Prunes),
The Calico Wall "Flight Reaction", The Hogs "Loose Lip Sync Ship",
Macabre "Gathering Of The Tribe", The Monocles "Spider And The Fly",
Godfrey "Let's Take A Trip" (funny stuff-very hippy dippy),
T.C. Atlantic "Faces", Oshun "Rattle Of Life",
The Weird Street Carnival "The Inner Truth",
The Driving Stupid "The Reality Of (Air) Fried Borsk",
MG & The Escorts " A Someday Fool",
The Quests "Shadows In The Night",
Pat Farrell & The Believers " Bad Woman",
The Electric Company "Scary Business", The Cave Men "It's Trash"!,
The Teddy Boys "Mona", The Calico Wall "I'm A Living Sickness".
The singles listed above would cost you roughly $50.00 to
$500. per single, so add that up,I think this would be the best way to
hear the music...The long running Pebbles series are great for rarities.
I think the song "I'm a Living Sickness" is one of thee best garage punk
songs ever. Volumes 4 and 5 are on the way.