Monday, June 30, 2008

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 2 -More Garage Various Artists

More Garage I always say...This is Disc 2 in the series of 5 discs total.
So they aren't as complete as the vinyl series, but are more compact.
Consider it a "Best Of" Pebbles, since whomever puts these out,
does a pretty decent job picking the tracks. Of course, being a student
of this music for a very long time, I'd make another set of these with
far more obscure tracks, and at least give more information with updates
like the bands' label, and the city and state of where the bands came from.
I think people want to know everything now about this music, since it's
has such a large and loyal following of fans! But this is a great way to start
out as a collector of this music, and it's up to you, to find out more about
each and every band you like, and with all of the other sites on here,
and on the web, it's fairly easy to learn more about these bands, by
simply typing in their names, and doing a search yourself. But consider,
in 1979 when the first series of Pebbles came out,on vinyl, and there was
no Internet.
My friends and I used fanzines, and small press books to learn about
the music,and traded tapes. Or it was by word of mouth, and often times,
the information was wrong! We also collected these little black round joyful
things by going to thrift stores, and digging through 1,000 singles of real crap,
just to find that one rare single. And it was worth it!
Boy I feel like a cave-woman now,and I'm dating myself...

Tracklisting: The Split Ends "Rich With Nothing",
The Sons Of Adam "Feathered Fish",
The Road "You Rub Me The Wrong Way", The Buddhas "Lost Innocense",
The Regiment "My Soap Won't Float", The Inmates "More Than I Have",
The Little Boy Blues "I Can Only Give You Everything",
Phil & The Frantics "I Must Run", The Choir "It's Cold Outside",
The Journeymen "She's Sorry", The Wee Four "Weird",
The William Penn Five "Blow My Mind",
Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz "Green Fuz",
The Bees "Voices Green And Purple",
Nobody's Children "Good Times",
The Sparkles "Ain't No Friend Of Mine",
The Barbarians "Hey Little Bird", The Spades "You're Gonna Miss Me",
The Ground Floor People "It's Alright Now",
The Brogues "I Ain't No Miracle Worker"
Coming Soon : Discs 3, 4, and 5.

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 1 -Wild Psychotic Garage Punk

Disc One of this series out of 5 discs total, is the real deal. Lots
of prime mid-60's garage here; some of the most well known
garage songs from that series. This set came out well after the vinyl
series, and you could say has been duplicated many times, over.
Well, the point is, is that these sound pretty good, and these singles
hold up well after all of these years.This is how the tracks were listed:
I kept any mistakes with it, to keep it exactly the way it's presented to me.
Disc one is:
The Litter "Action Woman", The Preachers "Who Do You Love",
The Floyd Dakil Combo "Dance Franny Dance",
The Shag "Stop & Listen", The Grains Of Sand "Going Away Baby",
The Rogues "Train 'Kept A Rollin'", The Sweet Acids "That Creature",
The Soup Greens "Like A Rolling Stone", The Wig "Crackin' Up",
The Positively 13 O'Clock "Psychotic Reaction",
Kim Fowley "The Trip", and "Underground Lady",
The Shadows "The Potato Chip Song",
The Wilde Knights "Beaver Patrol", The Stoics "Hate",
The Grodes "Let's Talk About Girls",
The Rogues "Wanted Dead Or Alive",
The Third Bardo "I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time"
The Fallen Angels "Bad Woman", and 2 bonus tracks
one is an unknown band with a track called "If It's Love You Want",
and the other is The Ground Floor People "Walking On Eggs"
Really worthy for a beginner garager and someone who already has
a lot of this, this series does sound very good! I have The Pebbles
series in every form, so I think this box set is a winner!
This does include all artwork, sleeves,etc. Get your garage on here:

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Chesterfield Kings- Let's Go Get Stoned-Guess what? Stones Covers!

An album from 1994, and an idea that has surely run it's course.
Well, not all of the songs are Stones covers, but a lot of them are.
I wish they'd write their own songs, because they wrote some
really terrific garage rock pop songs on their first few albums they
released way back in the early 1980's. They really are talented people
but spend way too much time on their hair.
The surprise song on this release is a Merle Haggard song
called "Sing Me Back Home". It's not all that bad either.
Maybe you should give this a listen and you tell me what you think.

Jonathan Richman- The Best Of-The Beserkley Years

This is all you need, there is nothing else worthwhile.
This is the only record you will ever need. This is the desert island
disc you couldn't remember. Why? It's pure fun, and pop rock,
and well, catchy, and it'll take all your worries away,
and take you to another place, so you forget about your
troubles. And that's what good rock music does.
It takes you to a higher level. It makes you think of happy
little things, and you suddenly forget where you
are, and that's what we could all use right now,huh?
I'm pretty depressed.
And this album will help me through it all. I hate when comedians
die like George Carlin. He makes so many people just plain happy,
plus you get the bonus stuff your supposed to think about...
like why is everything so fucked up?
To me, he was just starting to get interesting, and then,
blam, he's gone. He was getting so spot on, and his routines were getting
increasingly political in nature. And I think he was just hitting his stride and
I thought he was brilliant! He told it like it was. We need more people
like that...Anyways, back to this album, it's great!
It's all of the best stuff (duh) from Jonathan Richman And The Modern
Lovers from 1975, 1976, 1977 and 1979. I suck at blogging.

Fireworks- Set The World On Fire- Hot

I can just smell that tour van just now I got a large whiff of that odor!
I think the alternate title for this release is Hot Link Wray Guitar Action.
I might be wrong,but it's a suitable title. And it's not a bad thing is it?
I don't know what happened to the band, but I suppose they just
went up in smoke. (ha ha)There were other rumors, but I'll just leave those
alone, the music is what matters here. If a band can put out one brilliant
album that's about all we can ask for right? This one is chocked full of
tough little numbers, starts out with a track called 'S' Link and that's
tons of Link Wray attitude...then A Bomb, Whatcha Want,
Gimme Another Shot, Keep A Shakin', One Way Ticket,
Thunder Road, Deep Dark Jungle, 50 Megatons, City Of Assholes,
(I live in a town like this), Come On, When She Passes By,
Murdered "something" (printing too hard to read) does that matter?
Hey Fucker, Just So You Can,Silver Moon, and Set The World On Fire.
Crypt Records Hates Prog-Rock! Alright!
From the titles you wanna hear it don't you? Well go ahead...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Monomen- Bent Pages- One Of Their Best!

Oooh! One of their best records; Recorded in 1988,1989, and 1991-92.
Features the earliest singles by the Monomen: Burning Bush, The Witch,
Away, No Time, then later works: Hang Up, Daylight, I Don't Care,
Watch Outside, Catalina, Right Now, No Reasons To Complain,
Boss Hoss, Lie Detector, Over The Edge. Lots of nods to 60's garage
music with covers like The Witch, Hang Up, No Reasons To Complain...
A solid record! The Northwest's best garage punk band, simply, because
they were able to put out their records, and many many others' records
on this fine label called Estrus Records. Bands like The Mortals,
early releases of The Makers, Girl Trouble, The Volcanos, The Gasoline,
Man Or Astroman, Dead Moon, Sugar Shack, Monkeywrench,
And oh so many bands are on that label : The Quadrajets,
The Fireballs Of Freedom, The Von Zippers, The Soledad Brothers,
The Immortal Lee County Killers, who am I forgetting? I'm sorry If
I forgot your band, but I do have every single record on this label.
That should make up for my lousy review here...I hope.
I can't possibly do Estrus Records a decent enough tribute here!

David Bowie-I Dig Everything:The 1966 Pye Singles -Monophonic

The name pretty much says it all, very early tracks here.
Just a short little EP of 6 Tracks, that are catchy, and show
a terrific pop, psych sound of Carnaby Street. I thought he
was called David Jones & The Lower Third on these early tracks.
He also was rumored to be in The Mannish Boys(featuring session
guitarist Jimmy Page), The King Bees as well.
The release features:
Can't Help Thinking About Me, And I Say To Myself,
Do Anything You Say, Good Morning Girl, I'm Not Losing Sleep,
and the bouncy, funky cool title track I Dig Everything.
Ever the mod boy, this is pretty good stuff!

The 5,6,7,8's - Can't Help It- Screaming Geisha Girls!!!

This came out in 1992, and it's just really a fun,rocking record!
I encourage you all to find and buy anything the 5,6,7,8's put
out, since all of it is great! This particular one is hard to find, so
I thought I'd share it here...lotsa greats early songs: Ah-So!,
Let's Have A party, Pinball Party, Jet Coaster, Wooly Bully,
Wild Thing, Bond Girl, Motor Cycle Go Go Go!,
Fruit Bubble Love, The 5,6,7,8's, Wooeee,
Edie Is A Sweet Candy, I Was A Teenage Cave Woman,
Blue Radio, What is fun? These girls are!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Dwarves-Horror Stories-Brutal Garage Punk

Their only good album, in my opinion,since I don't think
they knew how to record or anything. All of the songs are
recorded in the red, and well, that sound and style works.
I don't dig their later albums for the shock value, or anything so
stupid like having dwarves covered with blood on your new album
sleeve. Whatever. So what? Where's the music?
And I don't think doing a live set that last like 24 minutes is
really that cool either. And then dropping your mics,and instruments
on the floor after your set is that punky anymore either. Yawn.
But I do think this album actually has artistic merit.
This originally came out in 1985, on that wonderful Voxx Records label,
and I don't think anyone can really do "I'm A Living Sickness"
(that's a 60's garage song) better than these guys can.
Now that was a statement when I heard them do that song.
See for yourself.

The Milkshakes- Talking 'Bout The Milkshakes- A Solid Album

Durable,lasting, in your face, and has more attitude than it knows
what to do with. The Milkshakes/Billy Childish/ Thee Headcoats,
and all of his other bands are really the same- real, honest rock.
This one is really a solid release of 14 great tracks, and not one stinky
track on this album! Here's the track listing:
She'll Be Mine, Pretty Baby, For She,
I Want 'Cha For My Little Girl, Ruhrgebeat, After Midnight,
Bull's Nose (my favorite), Shed Country, Don't Love Another,
Tell Me Where's That Girl, Can'tcha See,
Love You The Whole Night Through, Nothing You Can Say Or Do,
I Say You Lie. I say you get this, and whenever we're lucky to have
Billy Childish around, you'd better go and see him play live.

The Miracle Workers-NinteenEightyFourway- It Rocks!

This is one of my favorite albums, and also used to gauge other bands.
How good are you? Well, this album will probably tell you that. If
your band can play like this or hold up 24 years later, then, you might be
doing something right in my book.
The Miracle Workers originally released this as The 1000 Micrograms Of
The Miracle Workers, in 1984, on Sounds Interesting Records. And boy,
does this album still pack a 1-2 punch. What else can I say? Either you're
a leader or a follower. You either write your own songs, but if you do covers,
then make that song your own, by really really singing it like you mean it.
I don't think much else needs to be said....sorry I'm out of words.
Just play it loud.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Lollipop Shoppe- Just Colour- Fred Cole Keeps Rocking On

Fred Cole has been in more bands than I can even remember, in fact,
from a website called The Cole Mine, I just visited (to make a smart post here).
He's been in bands since 1964. Holy crap! I'll spare you some of the details.
He's been in The Lords (1964),
The Weeds ("It's Your Time" the classic 60's garage single)
(wow)! Deep Soul Cole, The Lollipop Shoppe
(mid to late 1960's- this particular album Just Colour came out in 1968 or so),
Then he was in an early 70's band named Zipper, then King Bee(1978),
The Rats (1980), and then later, when I saw him perform,
in the band Dead Moon. Which by my estimation, has put out the most
music,consistently. And by the way, regularly still rocks the house out
with this band, at shows, here and there. Lucky me, I saw them
perform at Garage Shock, and whatta great time that was!
Which Garage Shock was it? I think it was 1995, or was it 1997?
Oh man, it was quite a blur of music. Garage Shock was always the best
shows I ever saw. Each band out rocking the last band, (and some
wild insanity thrown in ) each and every time.
But when Dead Moon hit the stage, they, really
showed the rest of the younger cats how it was done. People stood,
and watched quietly, since he's this guy that never seems to age or look old.
He's quite spooky come to think of it!
Anyways, bow our heads to Fred Cole and Dead Moon, and this cool
60's band he had called The Lollipop Shoppe.
They made some great songs. So be sure to get this,and listen to it.
I just love "Mr. Madison Avenue", "You Must Be A Witch",
"Who's It Gonna Be", and several others all worth it! A very rare
release to be sure, so get it while it's hot.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Doo Rag- Chuncked And Muddled- Homemade Blues LO Fidelity Styled -Better Than The White Stripes

Well, look at the cover,it is what it is= homemade, and it
looks like an old 78 rpm record. It's actually a CD, and this
band make records that sound like old records, but they do a
better job of it than anyone else can.
So if you like old blues songs, but not tired old blues songs,
than this will be a cool trip for you! Lucky you! This CD came out,
and then it disappeared. It was probably because whenever they
played live, they caused quite a cool disturbance,and sold all of their
junk at the shows! They even made these nifty homemade sew
on patches that were nothing but old denim cloth with
a lousey silkscreen on it. Talk about Do It Yourself?!
They really did it with style...But that's not really about the music.
But it seemed like everything the band did, they did it this way.
All homemade,and everything had a real "I made this myself" kind
of touch to it. I rather like that very very much. Cause it sounds honest.
And I'll tell you there's hardly any honesty to music nowadays...
and I think I'm gonna cry.
Anyways, Doo Rag were very very unique, and like nothing else.
There's nothing to compare them to,so you can just download this
and just shut the fuck up.
Just two guys stripped down music like, playing what looked
like home made instruments that resembled a very old vacuum cleaner.
The one guy on the left, Thermos Malling played a 5 gallon plastic
bucket. The guy on the right Bob Log played a really old steel guitar
occasionally. Plus his foot was tied to a few other instruments
(or was I seeing things) It was kinda dark in there.
This is way before The White Stripes kids, this record came out
in 1994, and I'll bet you a million jillion bucks that The White Stripes
heard this record,and formed a band right after hearing this.
I don't blame them. I would too.
I got nothing against The White Stripes, okay! I just LOVE hearing
REAL REAL ROCK AND ROLL with some balls, in the Top 40 Charts,
so they should really start putting out some records pretty soon,
or I'll go nuts. Doo Rag is from Tucson,Arizona, and they can come to
my house and eat up all of my food any time they like.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Beguiled- Blue Dirge- God-Like!

Hypnotize rock I like to call it. This will definitely put you in a
weird mood, but this is a great record. It might even be brilliant!
Whenever I feel depressed (which was after Bo Diddley passed away)
I reach for this album, and play it from start to finish.
It's throws me in a strange mood!
There's no bad songs on here, they just get stranger and stranger
though. It draws you in like a good scary movie, because you
want to see what happens next...It's like a real psychotic reaction.
How do you describe this feeling? Just look at the cover.
It's mad, it's scary, it's weird, it's wonderful. Recorded in 1993
in Austin Texas, at this wonderful small studio called The Sweatbox.
I think the band is originally out of Orange,CA. I dare you to
download this and listen to it! Aural pleasures await you.
And I'd better make an appointment with my doctor soon.

Motocaster- Stay Loaded / Acid Rock EP- IT ROCKS THE HOUSE!

Motorcaster-what the hell is that? Well, that's this magical
three piece band from I'm not sure-ville. The disc says Kernersville,NC.
Their sound is pretty large for a three piece band, and they
have more hooks than a tackle box. The album and EP are produced
by Mitch Easter,and the band. They also put out a single or two on
Merge Records,and all of this activity happened around 1994.
I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. Instantly this album grabs you,and
shakes you up, it's very catchy! It's heavy sonically, it's even groovy.
Lucky me, I saw them play live once. They all looked like they were
20 years old, and seemed like they had been musicians all of their lives.
They were excellent musicians, who could clearly play their butts off.
A very small audience, came despite me telling everyone I knew
they were great! That was when I was doing a regular radio show.
And promoted any newer bands I thought were important, as well as
playing mostly 60's garage music...
And no one seemed to know who they were, or cared! Well,
except for me (it seemed like), so they proceeded to rock the place
hard, until people put down their to do lists, and they came on over
to see what all the fuss was about. Slowly people started to listen
and watch them,and I think they became hooked just like me...
And me- I was in like some kind of high/nirvana like state.
(and I wasn't "on" anything except for the music)
Give this disc a spin,and turn the amp up to 11.
This is one of my favorite bands ever.I swear you will love
this or you should check your pulse.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bo Diddley-The Chess Years Disc 11/12 The Final Two

Well, here it is...the last two things you need so you can graduate
from Bo Diddley college. Now you should know it all, because
if you really listen to all of these discs like I want you to, you will
hear all kinds of music. Not just 1950's Rock, but old blues songs,
and strange rhythms,and you will also hear how many people used
the patented Bo Diddley sound.
Because once you hear the "Original" guy singing and playing it, it
will remind you of about 1,000 other songs. That's okay though.
But you have to pay homage to the right guy, that's all.
Disc 12 is really the grooviest stuff; all kinds of rarities and
unissued takes of all of the classic songs: "I'm A Man", "Little Girl",
"Pretty Baby", "She's Alright" (Unedited),
"Signifying Blues" (Extended Version),
"The Soup Maker" (!) Bo loved to cook, "Bring It To Jerome",
"I'm High Again". 16 tracks on disc 11,and 26 tracks on disc 12.
All good! Thanks for coming here,and your kind comments.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Alright I found my photos of Bo Diddley from 2004

Alright, I found the photos from August 2004, from
Little Steven Underground Festival, that took place in New York City,
at Randall's Island. What a great day for rock music.
And I was lucky to be able to take photos,backstage and at the
front of the stage. Here's Bo Diddley live and on stage, and a
picture of his guitar he was using at the time.
What a nice man he was! Oh, by the way, these pics are copyrighted,
and protected. So please don't take them and use them for foolish things.
I can always type and find you!
And I will ask Bo to put a curse on you too.
That day was hot as hell, and
Bo did the show sitting down, and was clearly tired from
traveling ,and he did seem a bit on the sick side...
When you go to shows, always bring Halls Cough Drops
for the band members, who have sore throats. You have an
instant friend, and they sign all of your stuff! No- hey I'm just kidding.
That was just a bonus. It was just cool being near him, and talking,
but I really did most of the listening.
You just don't interrupt Bo.

Bo Diddley-itis The Chess Years Disc 9 and 10 "A Good Sickness To Have"

These are discs 9 & 10 out of 12 discs total, if you are keeping score.
Later period Bo Diddley, when he was trying out different ideas, and
trying to keep up with the psychedelic/blues times. Hey what do
you do when other artists release albums like
"Electric Mud" By Muddy Waters?
Ya gotta try different things to become hipper to your audiences or
more sell-able. That's probably what Chess Records folks said to him.
Those were lean times...but the songs are still really cool.
He paired up with Chuck Berry on some tracks here. Also trying for
that "Funky Sound". I don't know about that...I think he was just fine
in the 1950's, and who would argue, wasn't that wasn't cool enough?
Oh, wait here; I did forget something..."You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover"
was written by Willie Dixon, but Bo really gave that song some real life.
On Bo Diddley-itis there's some unusual songs written by: John Fogerty,
Fats Domino, Elton John/Bernie Taupin, Al Kooper.
He's trying to branch out...
The worse thing about blogging on here, is, when you click spellcheck,
and each and every time it tells me I mispelled Bo Diddley! What a joke!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bo Diddley- The Chess Years Discs 3 & 4 Ultra Rare Box Set

"I can go down the highway to a little town and totally destroy the place"-
Bo Diddley. Yeah, and if you ever saw him live, you'd believe it too.
This is thee series of Bo Diddley discs to get and listen to.
Here I offer discs 3 and 4 of the series from Charly Records of the 12 disc set.
This pretty much is the best thing,other than having all of his early albums
on Chess and Checker, this is about close as you can get to having it all.
Great sounding. Bo Diddley = The Originator!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bo Diddley-The Chess Years 12 Disc Set

Second disc in this series, fabulous music, and so complete, please
do yourself a favor and get this set. 29 tracks on this particular disc,
which includes all of the early singles,and b-sides. (Just like disc 1 up above)
Disc 12 in this series( you'll have to wait for this surprise) features
the best sounding rarities and outtakes from his early years. Worth the wait!
Build a square shaped guitar shrine, and realize how unique he was, and how
important his music was to real rock and rollers. It's infectious and great!

Very Sad Day In Music...Well Loved,and Will Be Missed

What a very sad day indeed! And what can you say about this man that hasn't
already been said? And one of my favorites has to pass away
on my birthday too....not much celebrating for me today. I was going to
post this set sooner, but was a little in shock over the amount of music
I would have to put together, and being a beginner at this,well, it was a
major task. Well, it's time now,to get the lead out, so to speak.
And if you're going to post it, do it all correctly right? I really hate
being the person who posts things when someone dies. But I was going
to post it soon anyways. After all, I did tell you about a book to read
about a month back, on an older post about Bo Diddley. And there's
so few books about him, that one is probably the best one to read.
There's 12 discs in this series,which is thee most complete set you're
find on the planet right now. This is a pretty amazing set of discs and
I will post as many as I can over the next week for you.This is the best
sounding series of discs, and it has got every single, and b-side on it!
On a personal note:
I count myself lucky having seen him several times over the years,
and when I last saw Bo Diddley in 2005, I already thought he might
have been sick, tired and also not wanting to tour or play live anymore.
But Bo carried on and played sitting down, at Little Steven's Underground
Festival in New York City on Randall's Island in August '05.
And what a show.
He was the elder statesmen of the event,and showed them all how it's done.
I was lucky to chat with him backstage, and he let me take some photos of
his guitar, then he gave me a guitar pick. What a crap in my pants moment.
Whatta nice man he was to me. He even gave me advice!
And that asshole Iggy wouldn't even acknowledge me or sign my things,
(I so bravely asked him to do for me) I guess some people are real, and
love their fans to death, and some aren't. Take that!
Bo signed many things for all of his fans that day, and held court backstage
like a king, he talked about so many things, and told me, never get married!
You don't need a piece of paper, plus divorce is a bitch! A regular guy, who
made the coolest music, and got totally ripped off by the record labels.
He talked about that at length, saying he'd never get remembered, and that
other and bigger stars will be remembered, and he wouldn't be.
That's not so, Bo! I think he's more ground-breaking than anyone else in his
And there's not one garage band who wasn't inspired by that Bo Diddley beat!
What a cool guy, and a tireless performer! Tune in,more to come!