Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rockabilly XMas - Buffalo Bop - I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis!

Well I hope this one puts you in the mood of Christmas. I'm practically
dreading it myself, yet I am having such a fine time searching every body's
else's fabulous blogs of Christmas music. The weirder the better,please!
This is a wonderful volume of strictly Christmas themed rockabilly tracks.
Another 30 tracks, every one of 'em are winners! I'm currently digging
these fine tracks: Rock Around The Christmas Tree, Sleigh Bell Rock,
The Wildest Christmas, Rock n' Rudolph, Reindeer Rock,
Jingle Bells Boogie, and of course I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis.
Not your usual Christmas "Simon,Alvin and Theodore,Jingle Bell Barking
Dogs,or Jingle Cats Meowing Bad Christmas Tunes", so this should delight
even the toughest holiday music critics! Music makes the house seem more
festive, so rock on here! Links in the comments.
Only 12 more days until Christmas!

Rock-A-Billy Barnyard - Buffalo Bop - Chicken Bop

Oh,this cover on Rock-A-Billy Barnyard is priceless isn't it?
If you had a big red Cadillac in the yard , how come you can't afford
that uppity indoor plumbing? And yeah, I've worn those gingham
checked dresses while doing the chores...but I'd probably turn around
and yell at those guys to help me tote my bucket, you lazy mules!
Well, 30 more fabulous rockabilly rock songs from the 1950's.
The theme should be chickens,horsies, and cows, but it isn't.
Only one song about chickens, but the rest are all top flight rockabilly
styled music just like all of the other volumes.The stand out songs here
are: On The Warpath, Tall Oak Tree, Born Unlucky,
Barnyard Rock n' Roll, If You Don't Like My Apples (great title)
and The Dirty Bird Song (You Can't Hardly Get Them No More).
Entertaining volume of rock and roll. It's all from the original vinyl singles!
Link in the comments section, you hillbillies.

Wild Men - Buffalo Bop - You Shake Me Up

It's a busy busy Mojo Repair Shop,why, there's a lot of people
who want some holiday music,and the gift of music all around here.
It keeps me from my blogging and getting a chance to listen to more
cool rockabilly sounds. Well this volume of Buffalo Bop is just as strong
as most of the others, featuring another can't-go-wrong 30 tracks, from
the early 1950's-to the early early 1960's. But never, ever venturing
into surf land. This is all strictly 50's rockabilly rock, and it's all from
the smallest independent labels from all over the great U.S. of A.
The strong tracks here are: Roly Poly, I Can't Stay Mad At You,
Boogie Beat, You Shake Me, Teenage Boogie, I Was Too Blind,
Saturday Jump, The Slide and The Surfin' Freeze.
While The Surfin' Freeze is not a "surf" song, it's more
of a strange California themed rock song stuck on the twist craze
kinda beat.Perhaps the waves are on the rise,and Dick Dale will soon
show up,knock our socks off,,and start a new sound. We hope so.
But for now, it's rockabilly.Link in the comments rock and roll hounds
and kitties.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sugaree - Buffalo Bop - She's Just That Kind

Sugaree is a sweet volume of cool rockin' tracks: here's my
list of favorites: Raw Deal, Froggy Went A Courting,
Red Skin Rock, She's Just That Kind, Two Timer,Smooth Operator,
Stop Your Knockin', The Pigeon, Waitin' For You To Call, and
If You Can't Rock Me. No crap here, all toe tappin' fun.
30 more tracks, please read the post under Alley Cat, I've got
some other Buffalo Bops and Dee Jay Jamborees with the sounds
of Doo Wop,and I'm not sure you folks will dig that music.
It's not my favorite type of music, but hey, maybe you want me
to post that ? Thanks,and link information is in the comments section.
(from now on).

Rock! - Buffalo Bop - Blankety Blank!

Well, this title pretty much says it all doesn't it? You betcha!
Another 30 tracks of vintage rockabilly from the 1950's, with
cool songs like: Wiggling Blond, How About A Date, Hot Dog,
Bop A Lena, Rock n' Roll Grandpa, Raised On Rock n' Roll,
It's A Lonely World, and Blankety Blank.
It's a hoot to listen to, and I think this series will get you hooked
to this sound, make sure you check out other blogs with this kind
of fabulous music. If you're a total crack-pot like me, you might
as well go under the google search engine,and type rockabilly
and rapid share and look out. Hope you have a large hard drive,
you rock and roll monkeys. I know some people like to abuse
rapid share, but how can you when you get to hear all of this
lovely music? Never complain about it because you never know
when this whole damn thing will come to a crashing end.
Links are now in the comments, okay?!

Alley Cat - Buffalo Bop - Go Cats Go!

Meeow! The Alley Cat volume of Buffalo Bop contains 30
more tracks of keen 1950's rockabilly. And it's all good!
They're rocking my stereo, and I'm digging these particular tracks:
Jelly Roll Rock, Run Run Mabel, It's A Fad,Ma!, The Shake,
Don't Be Unfair, I Love Her,Right Or Wrong, Go Cat's Go,
Muscle Beach, and Nervous And Shakin' All Over.
Another fine compilation of vintage sounds that are truly addictive.
There's more Buffalo Bops and Dee Jay Jamborees I'm not
sure you hep cats want me to post. I've got several volumes of
Explosive Doo Wop, Philadelphia Doo Wop, Brooklyn Doo Wop,
and White And Still All Right! Doo Wop From The Late 50's-
Early 60's. You guys want that or just the rockabilly?
To me, they're a contrast in music and different sounding...
But hey, whatever floats your boat. I'm more the rocking type
of chick/wacko myself. Your comments will either make them
appear on this blog or not. So go to it. Either way, I'm rocking
the whole Buffalo Bop series of rockabilly right now,folks.
Information in the comments section.