Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Hot Rockabilly Parts One,Two,Three Various Capitol,Imperial,Liberty Records

Quite possibly the ugliest album/CD covers I've seen in a long
long time,but the music inside it makes up for it. It's mostly made
up of the mid to late 50's very early 60's rockabilly/ rock from
Imperial Records, Capitol, and Liberty Records Stable-o-Stars.
It's not a bad batch of stuff,either. Well, not as good as the out
pouring of love for Wanda Jackson, you guys loved her in the
last post, and I'm glad. I could not stop playing her music, and I
think I actually forced at least 10 people to go out and find her
music. I guess that was the point.
This new set of rockabilly 3 volumes worth should also spin
in your players just as much. There's a good bunch of tunes,
that aren't the most obvious choices for compilations, and that's
what I really like, these are a little more obscure songs, and I have
to admit, I actually prefer hearing the artists more obscure works.
I don't wanna hear Buddy Knox's "Party Doll", or the big hits of
Ricky Nelson, or Eddie Cochran's massive hits, I think the lesser
known tracks are never played on radio,and are always a sweet
surprise. The idea is to dig for the other music, and not just get off
on the radio played hit. These artists are not one trick ponies, and
there's no such thing as over night success. So if your ears are open,
to this, you're going to be a happy camper with this series of
Red Hot Rockabilly 1,2,3. Enjoy 'em!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wanda Jackson- Rockin' With Wanda - Fujiyama Mama

Happy Mother's Day Fujiyama Mama. This is the real shit! This
release contains
her strongest tracks, and all 18 of them will convert
your miserable soul to
rockabilly music, and those good girls gone bad.

Never mind that sleepy
old timey album cover, what's inside is where it's at mister.
She's a real rockabilly/country shouter and make sure you
listen to these tracks or else! Rock Your Baby, You're The One For Me,
Cool Love, Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad, Mean Mean Man,
Baby Loves Him, and of course, Dona 'a Wan 'a.
Oh sorry I've been a bad blogger lately. I had a computer
virus take
out 2 terabytes of my life. I'm sure I'll be back soon
with more
Buffalo Bops(when I find them again) but surely more
Rockabilly,Doo Wop and good Rock and Roll. I just wish them
kids would get a real
job instead of planting viruses making our
lives difficult and costly.
I know,
I know it's time to get a Mac, don't tell me,I already
know it.
After listening to this wonderful release drop me a line,
and tell me
what you think. Link in the comments,hipsters.

Wanda Jackson- Self Titled - Just Call Me Lonesome!

18 tracks of Wanda's country-rock album from 1958,and has the making
of things to come,when she delivers the real shouter "Rockin' With Wanda"
less than a couple of years later, and makes cool rock and roll history by
combing rockabilly and country, sung "by a girl". Boy it was time to put her
into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame so people would appreciate her finally.
At least her name's out there,and the regular folks who don't know her
might just buy her records, and give it a chance.
This is long overdue,so listen to the music that made her the coolest chick!
There's nothing as cool as her voice, it's as unique as say, Howlin' Wolf's
incredible untrained voice, and it's unmistakeably Wanda Jackson. It's
highly addictive and there's no one really like her!
And dig the 6 extra bonus tracks. Whoo hoo! Link in the usual places.