Friday, March 28, 2008

William Shatner Knows How To Rock

This one features two albums on one release,and who wouldn't want to be a
completist with these fine rock albums? Features William Shatner's The Transformed Man,
and Leonard Nimoy's The Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy, plus some awesome bonus tracks.
This is a "must have" ,because where else are you gonna find "The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins" By Leonard Nimoy? Sure, some of this music is featured on the other post, but that's how they market records. The bonus tracks by far make up for this- William Shatner LIVE at The MTV Movie Awards doing: "I Wanna Sex You Up", "You Could Have Been Mine", and the soulful "Everything I Do,I Do For You". Limited Edition of 1,000 copies, Boldly go where no man has gone.

Leonard Nimoy Knows How To Rock

Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space. I know this is traditional weird. But you could use a good laugh couldn't you?
I know I could. This releases includes 18 giant hits, featuring the wonderful "Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth", "Highly Illogical", "Spock Thoughts", and
"Music To Watch Space Girls By" (I think this song charted at number 1 in 1969, I'm pretty sure and it also knocked the Beatles out of that same chart position)
Part of this "album" was issued on Dot Records in 1967, and the other part was issued in 1968
on The Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy album. So my biggest question is, what two sides are they talking about...the green blooded alien side or the stone faced guy who can't sing?

Jon Wayne- Texas Funeral

The theme this week is weird. Okay,for those of you who don't know about this...Let me introduce you to thee weirdest record ever. It defies description in some ways...but I will still try to describe this so that you listen to that you know what you're's part cowpunk, part white trash, part comedy, part blues, and it's odd. Every song has the theme of "Texas" in the title. Is that enough?

You need this record in your life. It'll make you smile. I don't know if the people in this band were a real band or a make-shift studio band, but it's brilliant.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Trip In Tyme Volume 4 23 Time Traveling Moody US 60's Garage Sounds

Trip In Tyme Volume 4, my last volume in this series.
Another compilation featuring the music I love...
And more tracks not found on many other compilations. I can assure you, after
collecting music for way too long, that these releases are really made with care,
and concern over not compiling the same garage music over and over again.
I mean how many comps do you have in your collection that feature
The Fabs doing "The Bag I'm In" ? It certainly is a great song,
written by Fred Neil, and you should hear his version of the song, it's pretty cool!
I really like the cover to this wonderful release-how old do you think that kid is in the front? Maybe 14 years old? That's what's cool about this music, it's made by teens,
and it's got a lot of energy.
So what were you doing when you were 14 years old? Making cool records?
Or just riding your bike, eating twinkies? making fart sounds?
Live link below.

Trip In Tyme Volume 3 23 More Time Traveling US 60's Garage Tracks

I'm not that clever to write reviews of music all of the time. I never know what to say,
yeah this is great. Or, "I came across this stuff, and I think you'll like it too".
I just think posting them is good enough. After all, it's the music you want to hear anyways.
But I can say one things--this series ROCKS! For some reason, I cannot find Volume 2
from this series, either the radio station ate it, or I misplaced it from moving, or ?
When I find it,I'll be sure to post it,cause I love you, dear music fanatics. At least we can
find that geek that lives in all of us.
This compilation features some good ones....and the good things is, not many of these
tracks appear on other comps. These are my favorite tracks...
The Feris Wheel "Woman" (Michigan/1967), The Wyld Vibraysons "One Track Mind" (California /1966),
The Yorkshire Puddin "Ain't Gonna Love You No More", The Innkeepers "Wanted" (New York/1966)
The Skunks "A Girl Like You (unknown cave/1966), and The Kidds with "Straighten Up And Fly Right"
(Mississippi/1966) . Did I mention that this rawks?! I love it when recordings come with more info on the bands,
and tell you the year ,and maybe the state the band is from so you can do more geek research.
Link below.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trip In Tyme Volume 1 25 Time Traveling US 60's Garage Tracks

Trip In Tyme Volume 1, 25 Tracks of USA Garage Rock from the mid 1960's.
Great tracks no compiled to death, you're gonna love it: my favorites are: The Pied Pipers-
"Stay In My Life" (Ohio/1967), The Sound Track-"I See The Light" (Tennessee/1966),
The Culls do a pretty great version of "Midnight To Six" (Arkansas/1966),
and The Villagers- "Cool It" (North Carolina/1965).Get it down below. I love this series.

Plasticland- Mink Dress And Other Cats

These guys are contempories of The Fuzztones,and The Chesterfield Kings, which is to say, they've been around since the late 70's-early 80's as a band releasing several EP's,and then finally some brilliant LP's/CD's(throughout the 80's & 90's). This is a compilation of rare tracks from several EP's, and singles you can't even find anymore.In fact this release came out on Timothy's Brain,and is also out of print. So many things out of print and hard to find, the point is, to be able to hear it, and that's why it's here. It's great music.

The Electric Banana-Blows Your Mind

No one seems to know about this band,and I don't know why. It's the Pretty Things sort of in disguise, and
it's not your typical R & B/Bo Diddley sound they were famous for in 1964, this has a psychedelic sound to it. Not the fluffy UK psych you often hear, this actually has a catchey sound,and groove. Features the fabulous Phil May (vocals), the equally fabulous Dick Taylor (guitar), Wally Waller (bass), John Povey (drums,keyboards),
and John "Twink" Alder (other drums). Everyone is fabulous on this less known side project band...when I mentioned how I thought this band sounded better than the Pretty Things, they just laughed at me, and said
"This was just a side project, for a weird soundtrack". I didn't know what else to say. But now, I think, well, sometimes these "side projects" aren't taken so seriously, and bands, tend to "loosen up", and just play,and have fun with the music..... I guess that's why I like it so much. Thanks, enjoy the link below.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Strictly Instrumental Volume 9

My last volume...oh crap. These are hard to find compilations, and I'm always looking for more.

It would seems these days, records stores don't want to stock good music anymore. Best to stock

the Rap,and only Top 40. Yuch! I'm sorry. I'm living in the past a lot when it comes to music.

No, not always, but it's a nice place to hang out in for a while. Another 30 tracks of awesome

instrumentals, my favorites are: The Caps "Red Headed Flea", and The Holidays "Concussion". Worthy!

Link below, write a comment if you feel inclined. Tell me what year you're living in...

Strictly Instrumental Volume 4

Another slab of Strictly Instrumental, with 30 tracks. I really don't have much to say about them, they're all great!

Most tracks very hard to find, and most tracks were never issued on any other series. So dig in.

No passwords, live link below.

Strictly Instrumental Volume 2

More Various Instrumentals from the Buffalo Bop Series. 30 Tracks,and these all are fun to spin. Features music from the 1950's-mid 1960's. Can't beat 'em!
No passwords, get it here.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Strictly Instrumental Volume 1

Strictly Instrumental Volume 1 from Buffalo Bop are some of thee best compilations ever!
The ones that stand out are: The Reekers "Don't Call Me Flyface", The Ree-Gents "Downshiftin',
Scott Wood "Chicken Rock", The Rhythm Rockers "Torpedo", The Teen Rockers "Road Block",
and even a beatnik tune The Royal Jokers "Beatnik". More coming in this series.
Live link passwords, just enjoy it!

Strummin' Mental Part 2 Various Instrumentals 1957-1965

Raw! Crude! Instrumentals! 32 Tracks to spin -I love this series. My fave tracks are:
Ron Thompson "Switchblade", The Tempests "Lemon Lime", Alfredo Mendietta "Chicken Run",
The Fender Four "Margaya". Includes the artwork,as always...Link is below. Comments appreciated, just so I know people are diggin' this site. Thanks.

Strummin' Mental Part 1 Various Instrumentals 1958-1965

The name says it all, 32 tracks of crude,raw,and intrumental primitivity! Features:
The Novas "Take Seven" yeah,the same ones who did "The Crusher" , The Rhythm Rockers "Madness", The Monterays "Blast Off", The Citations "Headache", and many more.
Fans of the Desperate Rock 'n Roll series will love this stuff! Here's Volume 1 and Volume 2 is coming right up.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Outside The Law-Gangsters,Racketeers & The Feds Vintage Songs 1922-1947

The last one I have in this series...I'm looking for more,but they are hard to find releases!
This one features: Lonnie Johnson "Racketeer Blues", Bukka White "District Attorney Blues",
Blind Blake "Police Dog Blues", and Peetie Wheatstraw "Police Station. Not all blues songs, but that seems to be the point. There are a few rock 'n roll/rockabilly tracks on here, for you hipsters. Dig The Crack Detective front cover -that must be from the World War 2 era.
18 tracks, wonderful sound! No secret passwords, Stick 'em up here:

Like An Atom Bomb- Apocalyptic Songs From The Cold War

Like An Atom Bomb...more from the series on Buzzola/Chrome Dreams records out of the UK.
18 Tracks featuring Hank Williams "No No Joe",
Sonny Boy Williamson "Win The War Blues",
Lightnin' Hopkins "Sad News From Korea", The Buchanan Brothers "Atomic Power". Not all depressing in nature, but some are just completely out of date, and funny. You're see what I mean when you hear "Jesus Is The First Line Of Defense" By The Pilgrim Travellers. If I was in a bomb shelter,this would be the last record I'd bring in with me...

Head Sounds From The Bam-Caruso Waxworks Volume 1

This is a strange compilation of old and new garage and psychedelic bands,but surely worth listening to. Well, any compilation can open up your ears to new bands,one song at a time. It's got some tracks often featured on 60's comps of UK freakbeat bands like: Wimple Winch's "Save My Soul", and The Eye's "When The Night Falls" but they sound bright and alive than most recorded versions of these songs. The rest of the record seems new to any compilation.(As I've been collecting them for too long). This label, Bam-Caruso put out hard to find records from 1984-1990, and maybe that's why they didn't last longer. Another rare treat on this compilation, the "newer garage/psych" band Plasticland doing a cover of a Pretty Things/Electric Banana's song "Alexander". Wow, whatta great song to cover! There's also another "newer garage band" The Wylde Maniacs, which is another favorite. Thanks for digging the music, please support the bands, whenever they play in your area, because they make the most money for playing live shows, than they sometimes do from their record labels. Buy a t-shirt, a record, and their buttons. No password, just light the incense.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Space Guitar & Deathray Boogie Vintage Science Fiction Songs 1930-1954

Another in the series from Buzzola Records. This one containing two versions of Rocket 88.The original with Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner, and another by Bill Haley & The Saddlemen.
The rest of the record features some pretty obscure titles worth several listens: Hank Snow's "Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship", Big Joe Turner's "Radar Blues", Pete Johnson's "Rocket Boogie", a hodgepodge of rockabilly, blues and boogie. Wonderful package! No passwords! Includes artwork!

It's A Kave In! Wild Oz Sixties Punk From The Caverns Of Time!

Comes from Kustom 65 Records, a fine compilation of 60's Australian Garage Greats!
29 tracks,mostly from the mid 60's. Some mighty obscure bands here, and it's always interesting to hear any Australian garage 60's music,since they had a sound all their own; a lot of primal 60's beat, some tracks are from acetates, so this will be the only way to hear it! I'm not lyin' you'll love this type of music if you hear it, and give it a few listens, you will be hooked! Features bands like: The Creatures (and they were),The Outcasts, The Marksmen, and so many other never heard of bands. No password! Enjoy you punks!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bury My Body Rare Sixties US Garage Sounds RIP

Bury My Body 23 Tracks of prime mid 60's rock. Songs hardly found on any other 60's comps,which is really nice for a change. This is the kind of music I'll be trying to feature on this site more and more. Unknown small town teen garage bands who maybe put out one or two singles,and then vanished. Enjoy this hard to find compilation! No password, do the little copy and paste dance,to get the link, and shimmy shake it,but just don't break it.

Ride Daddy Ride Vintage Songs About Sex 1927-1953

Normally I wouldn't feature this on the site, that wasn't on my list of things to post, but this series of releases really caught my eye! Great pulp fiction covers. Vintage Songs 1927-1953 featuring Bo Carter's "Let Me Roll Your Lemon", and Wynonie Harris's "She Kept Sittin' On It" which is a howl! Old time-y raunchy blues, that sometimes had double meanings. You would never hear songs like this anymore, and maybe that's a good thing! Fun stuff! More from this series soon, enjoy! No password! Copy and paste entire link in a word pad like program and go daddy go!