Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ride Daddy Ride Vintage Songs About Sex 1927-1953

Normally I wouldn't feature this on the site, that wasn't on my list of things to post, but this series of releases really caught my eye! Great pulp fiction covers. Vintage Songs 1927-1953 featuring Bo Carter's "Let Me Roll Your Lemon", and Wynonie Harris's "She Kept Sittin' On It" which is a howl! Old time-y raunchy blues, that sometimes had double meanings. You would never hear songs like this anymore, and maybe that's a good thing! Fun stuff! More from this series soon, enjoy! No password! Copy and paste entire link in a word pad like program and go daddy go!


oldrocker99 said...

The link is incomplete, and I can't, obviously, connect to Rapidshare. Can you PLEASE fix it?


stephanie said...

If you just copy the whole link,into a word pad file,you will get the complete link in a row,then re-copy/paste that complete link,and go. That should work.

oldrocker99 said...

Problem fixed by going to the page in MS Internet Explorer, which displayed the entire link. Firefox (for whatever reason)only displayed the first line of the link. It's downloading now.

I'm somewhat of an aficionado of stuff like this.