Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rock-A-Billy Barnyard - Buffalo Bop - Chicken Bop

Oh,this cover on Rock-A-Billy Barnyard is priceless isn't it?
If you had a big red Cadillac in the yard , how come you can't afford
that uppity indoor plumbing? And yeah, I've worn those gingham
checked dresses while doing the chores...but I'd probably turn around
and yell at those guys to help me tote my bucket, you lazy mules!
Well, 30 more fabulous rockabilly rock songs from the 1950's.
The theme should be chickens,horsies, and cows, but it isn't.
Only one song about chickens, but the rest are all top flight rockabilly
styled music just like all of the other volumes.The stand out songs here
are: On The Warpath, Tall Oak Tree, Born Unlucky,
Barnyard Rock n' Roll, If You Don't Like My Apples (great title)
and The Dirty Bird Song (You Can't Hardly Get Them No More).
Entertaining volume of rock and roll. It's all from the original vinyl singles!
Link in the comments section, you hillbillies.


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Siggy said...

tanx for sharing - great cover to match the great music.

waxhound said...

Thanks also for this one.


MikeC. said...

I love these bb's -- the music too. Keep 'em coming!