Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Muddy Waters - The Complete Chess 1947-1967 Disc 9 Alternate Takes

Here's the last disc,almost forgot there's nine discs
This one is special special- all alternate takes
of some of
Muddy's best songs. These are all mostly
vintage tunes.

Disc 9:
1.Rollin' Stone 2.All Night Long
3.She's All Right
4.Baby,Please Don't Go
5.I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man

6. Take The Bitter With The Sweet
7.Take The Bitter
With The Sweet
8.She's Into Something

9. Recipe For Love 10.Woman Wanted (8 Takes)
11.Read Way Back (9 Takes including backing track)
12.You Shook Me 13.Elevate Me Mama
14.You Don't Have To Go.
Just fucking awesome music,you will probably be
listening to this disc over and over,like a nut,like me.
It packs the most punch...it's otherworldly.
It's hoodoo voodoo. Just listen to the Woman
Wanted 8 takes-there's some pretty amazing guitar
playing,and these were thrown away! (See take 3)
One of those Chess brothers complains he's popping
into the mic.Well it's all live in the studio, everyone's
doing it live all together.It's great to hear studio
chatter it's always funny, to hear them swearing,trying
to make a record! One of the takes Muddy says he
forgets what he's doing,all while he's playing these
incredible guitar runs...he forgets?
He must've done this stuff in his sleep he's
so natural about it.I'm just not so sure about

Muddy's Recipe For Love,I'm thinking mine is
more nine disc box sets of more music huh?

Another recipe for love would be that Chess
Records releases more outtakes and tracks
they're sitting on!

Muddy Waters 9

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