Monday, August 4, 2008

The Finks-Fill'er Up And Go! -Surf Finks Unite!

The smell of waves crashing. The swell of sweat-drenched cardigans draped
casually over the tops of superheated amplifiers...Girls, beer, mystery, and
madness-all here in the high-octane sound of The Finks. So what are you
waiting for? Here's the key, rev-up the turntable, and take an unforgettable
"spin" with the Finks today!Well, that sounds like fun, except the part about
putting your cardigan on the top of your amp. Now, we're shorting out amps,
and starting fires. That wasn't the fun part, they were talking about. The
whole band wears cardigans in the inside photos.I'm glad they got rid of that
look.They eventually turned into the Bomboras,and then, morphed into
The Lords Of Altamont. And gosh, gee, they are all swell bands!
I count myself lucky, for the fabulous Bomboras let me hear some
"unreleased" tracks from their finest tour van tape recordings called
"Dining Across America", I heard thee most God-awful fart sounds!
I told them to release them right away (now they'll know who I am).
Anyways, this is more surf,instrumental garage fun...and also best heard
in your next pool party! Here's the stuff:
1.Haunted Fink 2.Similau 3.The Nomad 4. Latin'ia 5.Hang On
6. 12 Miles To Babylon 7.Hava Nagila 8.The Eliminator
9.Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 10.Cecilia Ann 11.Steel Pier
12.Road Kill 13.Lucha Libre 14.Squad Car 15.Creeper
16. Out Of Control 17.Moment Of Truth 18.The Crusher

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Trustar said...

Hey '66 girl

Don't know how the Satan's Pilgrims slipped by me. I have you on my feed reader and I thought I had checked everything. Oh well. Wanted to see if you were in to receiving "Special Friends of Trustar Vibrations" offerings. I try to send out emails every few months with new releases and things I don't want to post to the world right away. Sometimes we just want to spread them around to a select few and keep them under wraps for awhile. Don't want to kill the golden goose thing you might say. I also try to pick up CDs from the bands themselves at their shows. At least I know where the money is going.

I sent one out several days ago with some of the swag tunes I picked up at the Huntington Beach International Surf Museums Surfin' Sunday bash this last weekend. These went out to several blogger friends out there and some of the "behind the scenes" types that are always sending new things our way. If your interested let me know. I send out all emails as BCCs (blind carbon copy) so your email address is not out there for all to see. These folks have been a valuable resource to TV in the past and I always try to repay their kindness the best way I can.

Hope things are well in da Garage

ciao bella


email address is in my profile.