Saturday, August 30, 2008

Angel Dust-Music For Movie Bikers-Cycle-Delic!

Savage Pencil Presents: Angel Dust! Music For Movie Bikers.Cool
all the way around, it's music from soundtracks of that period from
1968-1972 or so, and features the leading fuzz instrumentals from
Davie Allan & The Arrows, East West Pipeline, Harley Hatcher,
The Hogs, Paul Wibler,The Poor and Stu Phillips. I transferred this
from vinyl to CD, so you can all rev your engines to this.
This weekend is the celebration of Harley Davidson's 105th
Anniversary so, that's why I featured this here for you. It's better than
hearing the same old "biker tune" "Born To Be Wild"...which is so worn
out! My favorite tune has to be Paul Wibler "Satan (Theme)",which
must be one of thee most twisted strange little songs I know of.
I didn't make any repairs to the vinyl, or try to "restore" the sound.
So you get it naked, and no sound loss. I think I heard one or two
small pops or clicks, so deal with it. I wanted to keep the integrity
of the sound, because surprisingly, whenever your transfer your vinyl
to CD, it really sounds wonderful. A. You get to hear it again,
B. digitizing it, makes it more portable,ipod-able, and easier to play
more often than not. (my vinyl collection is in excellent shape because
I'm too lazy to throw on a record, where a CD is often slapped on the
player and played more often. I'd like to see this album re-issued with
bonus tracks, and I'll be right in line buying it again. Just make sure
you keep the awesome cover artwork, and insides the same.
I expect to see bikers this weekend from all over the world, flags a
flying from everyone who loves Harley Davidson motorcycles...
all leathery,dirty,sweaty, ratty long hair, crusty, with supremely
noisey motorcycles revving their way back home to Milwaukee,
where they were originally born! This is a pretty amazing sight,
they're expecting well over 250,000 motorcycles,and then some.
Here's the soundtrack to it...


Trustar said...


Even though my Mama said "Stay Away From That Angel Dust,you dumbshit" I'm gonn get me some of this. Hell, I didn't much listen to her anyway.

Bring on the loud, noisy fuzz!!

Have a great weekend with this as your soundtrack.


Lucas Nonose said...

heeey man, your blog is so good!!!!
garage rock is the best!!!

greetings from Brasil!!!!

Brandonio! said...

I freakin' love this knuckel buster of a comp.Long live the FUZZ baby!

Velvet Swine said...


'66 -- Check Out My New Radio Show. You Can Download a monthly podcast--

Thanks Again,

lo-fi jr. said...

Dig the blog. Thanks for this one especially. There was an equally boss Robert Williams curated collection of hot rod tunes that came out at the same time as this.

McDrunk said...

Wow, I have this on vinyl but never got around to digitize it (one of hundreds that I have that need to be)... thanks for the great post and for the Robert Williams comp. too (I regret never picking that one up when I had the chance)...

Oughta Krawl said...

'Yo God Damn Man!' Paul Wiblir's 'Satan (Theme)' is probably the greatest song I have ever heard in my entire life! Thank you many, many times over thru all eternity! Satanic themed Soul music for the world to burn unto! SO VERY RAD !!!