Monday, February 8, 2010

Skip James - Devil Got My Woman "Sickbed Blues"

Alright,I'm back. I can think better,my brain is working
better,and finally my hand can type,and I can post some
music to
sample here. I will occasionally type things
backwards and forwards.
I think I am developing some
kind of dyslexia. So I hope it's only
here's something to sink your teeth into.

Skip James!

God, I love this man...this is soulful blues...the best
kind too.
When I wasn't feeling so good,my best
buddy gave me music to
listen to,and enjoy. Music
heals the brain,you know.
And I already had some
Skip James,but apparently
I just forgot how great
he was.So Thanks H,for reminding me
sheer beauty of all things Skip James.
His voice is haunting,
and his music is unlike no
one else.Please sample these three
(if I can get them up here on this site) I'm only
doing it, so you develop a habit,a habit so
you see any Skip James CD or album,that you
buy it.

Trust me,you'll need to have your own copy
to read,
and enjoy his history. Not enough is
said about how amazing
Skip James really is.
His high-pitched voice, almost a falsetto,
and how he plays
the guitar along with it.
It's spare, simple and beautiful.

Here's the lowdown:
1. Good Road Camp Blues 2. Little Cow,Little Calf Blues
3. Devil Got My Woman 4.Look At The People Standing
At The Judgement 5.Worried Blues 6. 22-20 Blues
7. Mistreating Child Blues 8. Sickbed Blues
9. Catfish Blues 10. Lorenzo Blues 11. Careless Love
12. Illinois Blues
Snatch it, grab it. Tell me it's the best
Devil Got My Woman


Glenn said...


You may have been down for a 10 count with the concussion...but you jumped back up with a solid swing with these 3 from Skip James. Haven't listened yet, but that will happen today sometime.

How's the migraines doing?? And the concussion??

Very glad to see you back. Take care of yourself and I hope to continue these talks with you.


Dan_invader said...

Nobody comments? I'lll do it from Spain: Yeah! he's the best! And your blogs' also! Thanks for this lovely music! Un saludo macanudo.

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Migraines I've had for about 13 years,the concussion was a recent slip and fall...I deal with it by trying to surf above it,like it didn't happen.But it slows me down quite a bit,regardless.All last week I had one or two migraines a day for 6 days.Good thing I have plenty of Imitrix to knock it out,otherwise,I'd blow my head clean off. It hurts a lot.

Anyone will tell you,that has these problems,you get dizzy from the migraines,your eyes get very light sensitive,your ears get noise sensitive,you get very tired from the meds,it wears you out,both the medication and the migraines.I spend a lot of time resting in bed,and that's not good either. You put on weight,and feel crummy.
The music makes me feel better,and that's what I try to put out here.

Glenn said...


Does the imitrix do you much good? I've had migraines for well over 50 years now and can't have the imitrix because of 2 small strokes and heart attacks.

What are your trigger points?

Excedrin is the hardest drug I'm allowed. Oh well.

At least we have music, which helps me a lot.


garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

For most people,the migraines come from:stress(which everyone has too much of these days),lack of sleep(also),or too much sleep,neck aches,backaches,too much caffeine,
not eating regular meals,not hydrating yourself-drink more water,
loud noises(screaming children really!),car accidents(whiplash),
Eating bad foods that contain a lot of nitrates(hot dogs,bacon,lunch meant type things,cured meats-pepperoni,these are all bad for migraine sufferers). What else?
Staring at a computer too long can give you problems with neck and eye strain,and cause problems with headaches/migraines.
I know there's more,I just can't remember them all.

The Imitrex works for me,but it makes me so sleepy,dumb,worn out.
It basically cuts off blood to your brain,it shrinks the blood vessels,to stop the throbbing.
It's a lousey trade off.

The medication is expensive. I can't drive the car when I have a migraine-everything is blurry.
I can't read or concentrate on things. You just go to bed and cry a lot like a little baby.

I heard things like you can get a brow lift/fore-head area plastic surgery and that can help.
That's what some people have said,they had the face lift procedure and they said that their migraines went away. Can you believe this? Have you heard about this?
I'll try anything!

I also try health food store remedies too. There's one called Migraine Relief,but I don't really know if it works or not.There's also prescribed beta blockers which also help,unfortunately they also make you super tired. Beta Blockers like Propranolol can help.But they slow or lower heart rate! That might not be good for you...

Then there's Butalbital,which is a cafffeine tab migraine relief pill,I've had mixed results with.
For nausea I take metoprolol. Because most migraine folks have a lot of nausea.

I take Valerian,a natural sleep remedy pill when I can't sleep.
It's just a matter of trying all things,and see how they work.
There's a roll on called Head On and it's an over the counter thing that can help a little bit. Ice packs on the head help too.
It's a battle.