Monday, February 8, 2010

Skip James - Studio Sessions -Rare And Unreleased

Excellent blues! Excellent songs!
No one can sing and play like
Skip James.This
is from a previously
unreleased 1967 recording
session, and Skip only had
a couple more years
left on this planet. So even
though this music
is what we would call his last
efforts,it sounds
as fresh and sincere as any of
his earlier records.
Some people just "got it",you know?

No matter where they are, they can
just sing it right from their soul.

This music reminds me,
of Honeyboy Edwards,
and the recent "music awards
show on TV" just finally awarded this soldier of the
blues,one of the last of his kind...they finally awarded the
genius Honeyboy Edwards a lifetime "achievement like"
award. (I didn't look this up,I just saw him in the
crowd on this show,and they put the spotlight on him,
and it made me weep!) Well,sometimes they do get
things right,and it's hard to believe it!
Well, back to Skip James...this disc has yet another
variety of tracks not on anything else,making it essential!
1. Backwater Blues 2.Everybody Ought To Live Right
3.I Want To Be More Like Jesus 4.Jack Of Diamonds
5.My Last Boogie 6.Lazy Bones 7.Let My Jesus Lead You
8.My Own Blues 9.Oh,Mary Don't You Weep
10.Omaha Blues 11.Bumble Bee
12.One Dime Was All I Had
13.Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
14.Somebody Gonna Wish They had Religion
15.Somebody Loves You 16.Sorry For To Leave You
17.Sporting Life Blues 18.They Are Waiting For Me
19.Walking The Sea
Thanks for liking the music,as always.
Studio Sessions


Uncle Gil said...

Great! Thanks for this one (and all the others!!!).

anyonesdaughter said...

cool stuff... great to see you back!

best wishes,

Recordjan said...

Hey you're back!
Hope you feel better
Music helps!

rje said...

skip james sang the blues as true as it comes, in his haunting falsetto. his guitar playing is individual and expert (he used an unusual open d minor tuning).
i didn't realise this recording existed - thank you!

Timmy said...

Another right-on posting. Rare, indeed. Thanx........

Alma Jones said...

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The band plays jazz music but their songs are also classified under electronica. It's interesting how both jazz and electropop were merged into one by this band!

I would love to send you an mp3 of the band. Tell me if you're interested in posting my article so that I can send it to you. Thanks for your time!


MusicStation said...

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garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

I'm still here-just learning how to use a Mac Pro.VERY different from an old PC with issues,like the old computer crashed a lot. Also having not that great internet service is/was not helping me post here.
Will be back soon with more cool blues,rock,and anything else, that I think readers of this blog will really benefit from. Please stay tuned!
mojo repair shop

Glenn said...

Hey Mojo,

Just checking in to see how you're doing and feeling?


garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

Hi everyone and Glenn:
JUST starting to understand this Mac Pro computer,I just got it only 2 weeks ago,so it's hard to overcome the new computer,plus had to change internet providers...snore...some of these internet providers are terrible, and the service is bad here.Now this new one,I hope is as fast as they say so! This is all things no one cares about...but I'll be back soon,I have a lot of music ready,almost ready to share...
Thanks for asking,I feel a lot better,and I'm already collecting music for my friends here.
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Mr. Freak said...

Hey Genial Blog.
Gracias por tan buenos discos...

Podrian re-subir el disco:
"Bo Diddley -The Chess Years"
Se los agradecería muchisimo.

Un gran saludo y fuerte abrazo.

Glenn said...

Actually I did find your comment quite interesting. Having a new custom made system delivered this coming Wednesday to my residence and feeling some elation over it.

Keep working on it and don't look back.


blender said...

Thanks for this - only heard one of the tracks before. Keep well.