Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rhythm & Booze - Buffalo Bop - White Lightning!

Guess what the theme is here? Drinking songs! Yee ha!
Yet another 30 tracks of primo 1950's rockabilly rock
and one of the best of this series.Greats songs: Pink Elephants,
Moonshine Still, Beer Drinking Daddy, Root Beer by the fabulous
Law Brothers, and the title track Rhythm And Booze,
Beer Drinking Blues, Moonshine, Suds, Save Me The Label,
and yet another winner; Three Aces And A Joker doing
Booze Party. 'Nuff Said! Get this one!


waxhound said...


Many thanks for the Buffalo Bop series.

Really enjoying those.

Looking forward to the Xmas one in December! ;)

Marc (Canada)

Siggy said...

tanx for sharing - what a great title on this album.

Roadrunner said...

thanks buddy, but not to be confused, this is volume 1 and 2, which contains 2 discs each, and I sharing these two albums in four volumes because there are issues of copyright, then they are hidden by a little, like the group (Kameleoni), that all his photos have reserved rights, as well as upload vere, known to apologize if it is the disks that you have

Siggy said...

waxhpund, I found the Christmas album last night at http://rotterdamrebels.blogspot.com/2008/10/rockabilly-xmas.html

garage 66 & mojo repair shop said...

jothman; this is my site,and I was going to post the Christmas Buffalo Bop more towards December where it belongs. So I didn't like that comment. I didn't say I was going to post EVERY Buffalo Bop, but as you can see I'm moving in that direction.I don't want to say what I'm going to do-so someone can shut me down or anything foolish like that. I might even post all of the Dee Jay Jamborees,but I don't think there's a lot of people who like the majority of the Doo Wop volumes.
I could be wrong,but the Doo Wop music is not my thing,musically speaking.
Try to keep your comments to what's posted on my site.
Requests I'll take,okay,but outdoing me that way I really think is uncool.
You wanna start your own blog,then do it.It's fairly easy to do.Post whatever you want on your site.
Don't be offended,you have to imagine with all of the things I've posted so far that are Buffalo Bops,I was going to do the Christmas volume too,obviously.

garage 66/mojo repair shop

Siggy said...

garage 66,

I apologize. In no way did I mean to preempt your post. I was not thinking about your future posts and I should have been. I have ruined your Christmas post for which I am sorry. Please remove my earlier post with the URL.

Your blog is absolutely my favorite. Really. I know it is tons of work for very little reward. Thank you for all your past posts.

I would certainly love to see you post all the BBs. Don't let my poor judgment discourage you.