Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trading Kisses - Buffalo Bop - Chicksville USA

You say you don't have enough rockabilly music in your
life? Well, here's more. No doubt about it, the 1950's era is fun,
and has a charm all it's own. Probably what's lacking in today's
music, the charm, the old fashioned just singing about what you
know. This volume contains another 30 tracks, and is strictly
rockabilly type rock and roll. The title track song Tradin' Kisses
by Matt Lucus is one of the stand out tracks on this various artists
compilation, along with: Pal Mal Rock, Butter Ball, Tip Toe,
Chicksville USA, Rock And Roll Rover, Arkansas Jane,
and Nervous Wreck.
I like the track Nervous Wreck a lot, since it's a man talking
about his girl! Nutty and great! Check it all out here below!

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waxhound said...


Thanks. This one looks juicy too!


Marc (Canada)