Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Teen Town - Buffalo Bop - Spin The Bottle

The Teen Town volume of Buffalo Bops boasts mostly
songs about difficulties between boys and girls. Which is
mostly what a lot of songs are about anyways...aren't they?
Just think about it? Most songs were written because someone
was angry, in love, crazy, or any other strong emotion.
Teen Town's highlighted tracks are: All About Cha,Babe,
I'm Hypnotised, Tell Me Quick,Tell Me True, Spin The Bottle,
You Broke My Heart, and one particularly unusual one called
Coconut Girl. And it's all vintage rockabilly 50's styled, the original
artists, and culled from the original singles, almost like a small
time capsule of love directly to you, from Mojo Repair Shop.
I hope you're not sick of these compilations, give them a listen.
I think they will grow on ya! More to come little sea monkeys.


waxhound said...


I'm totally digging these Buffalo Bops!

Keep 'em coming!

Thanks again!!


Marc (Canada)

Siggy said...

tanx for sharing - sick of them, no way! This is perhaps the best series ever! Keep 'em comin'.