Monday, October 6, 2008

Jukebox Rock - Buffalo Bop- Put A Nickel In The Jukebox

Jukebox Rock features all songs with themes of guess what?
Jukeboxes! That was what drove the kids wild back then, before
there were affordable home record players, and small tube amps,
the jukebox was king. Every bar,tavern, and small diner had them,
and they still make jukeboxes-if you look online, there's still companies
making vintage looking jukeboxes that play Cd's. For the kid in everyone.
Now they have NEW floor standing,wall mounted jukeboxes,
they're as colorful and grand as can be, some even play mp3's and
ipods! And some are digital download-able models. Imagine that!
They have all of the original brand names; Rowe, Rock-Ola,
and Wurlitzer still being made today. They even have jukeboxes
that still play 45's that are brand new! This particular site at said that jukeboxes have been
around for nearly 100 years! Really cool to check these out!
Getting back to this particular disc; the songs all have the theme of
jukeboxes and some of the titles are: Juke Joint Johnnie,
Jukebox Queen, Jukebox Julie, Jukebox Cannon Ball,
Jukebox Mama, Rock-Ola Ruby, and Juke Box Find My Baby!
Crazy man, crazy!


Howdy said...

Ahh, obviously a man of good taste that knows that the old Wurlitzer's and Seeburg's reign supreme! I am knee deep in a restoration of a 1957 Seeburg for my living room right now. I remember as a kid walking down the streets and the doors open to some of the taverns and the only light in their was a neon beer sign and a jukebox. These new fangled wall hung noise makers that charge a buck a song really blows the big one! Have no style,character or class!! Ohhh BTW Great Post !! love this Buffalo Bop Stuff!

Delinquent said...

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