Monday, October 20, 2008

Tattle Tale-Buffalo Bop- Froggy Went A-Rockin'

Whoo hoo this one's fun! I especially love 30 more tracks of fun
rockabilly, and thee best song "Hot Dog" By Buck Owens should
get you crazy...and wanting to hear lots more Buck Owens...
because hey -he's kinda fun! And he rocks!
And don't forget the other unusually wonderful rockabilly singles
like : Cause I Love You,Knock Off The Rock, Cotton Pickin' Mama,
I Squeeze Her, Rock-A-Rumba,and of course Froggy Went A Rockin'
is swell! I need not say more, you get it and that's all a person needs to
say, the music is cool jewel. You're gonna have to copy and paste this
one into your browser...cause I don't know what I did to my upload
manager...whoops.Things happen.

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