Monday, October 20, 2008

Young And Wild-Buffalo Bop- Be-Boppin' Daddy

Young And Wild! features 30 more tracks of Rockabilly fun!
I think this one's another winner, because "Wildcat" by The Nitecaps
is on it, plus other fabulous song track titles like: A-Bomp Bop,
Don't Need No Job, Not For Love Or Money, Sharpest Little Girl,
I'm Not Crazy, and Rock All Night With Me. Even the songs like
I Just Can't Go On remain fun,upbeat, and don't sound at all like
he's suffering one bit. It's the fun, fun, fun rockabilly sound where
kids were innocent,and life seemed simpler then, didn't it?
Again, copy and past into your browser for the magic to happen.
I guaranty a good time for all.

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