Monday, June 23, 2008

Fireworks- Set The World On Fire- Hot

I can just smell that tour van just now I got a large whiff of that odor!
I think the alternate title for this release is Hot Link Wray Guitar Action.
I might be wrong,but it's a suitable title. And it's not a bad thing is it?
I don't know what happened to the band, but I suppose they just
went up in smoke. (ha ha)There were other rumors, but I'll just leave those
alone, the music is what matters here. If a band can put out one brilliant
album that's about all we can ask for right? This one is chocked full of
tough little numbers, starts out with a track called 'S' Link and that's
tons of Link Wray attitude...then A Bomb, Whatcha Want,
Gimme Another Shot, Keep A Shakin', One Way Ticket,
Thunder Road, Deep Dark Jungle, 50 Megatons, City Of Assholes,
(I live in a town like this), Come On, When She Passes By,
Murdered "something" (printing too hard to read) does that matter?
Hey Fucker, Just So You Can,Silver Moon, and Set The World On Fire.
Crypt Records Hates Prog-Rock! Alright!
From the titles you wanna hear it don't you? Well go ahead...


D. Misner said...

Fireworks were a great mostly forgotten band -- if only the "troubles" hadn't pulled Darin Lin Wood down, he's a great songwriter and guitar player. Loved his band with Mick Collins, too, Blacktop

Brandonio! said...

You had me at Hot Link Wray Guitar Action!.I mean all someone has to say is Link Wray and I'm there.This should be interesting.Thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

Re-upload possible?