Friday, June 6, 2008

Alright I found my photos of Bo Diddley from 2004

Alright, I found the photos from August 2004, from
Little Steven Underground Festival, that took place in New York City,
at Randall's Island. What a great day for rock music.
And I was lucky to be able to take photos,backstage and at the
front of the stage. Here's Bo Diddley live and on stage, and a
picture of his guitar he was using at the time.
What a nice man he was! Oh, by the way, these pics are copyrighted,
and protected. So please don't take them and use them for foolish things.
I can always type and find you!
And I will ask Bo to put a curse on you too.
That day was hot as hell, and
Bo did the show sitting down, and was clearly tired from
traveling ,and he did seem a bit on the sick side...
When you go to shows, always bring Halls Cough Drops
for the band members, who have sore throats. You have an
instant friend, and they sign all of your stuff! No- hey I'm just kidding.
That was just a bonus. It was just cool being near him, and talking,
but I really did most of the listening.
You just don't interrupt Bo.

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