Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Motocaster- Stay Loaded / Acid Rock EP- IT ROCKS THE HOUSE!

Motorcaster-what the hell is that? Well, that's this magical
three piece band from I'm not sure-ville. The disc says Kernersville,NC.
Their sound is pretty large for a three piece band, and they
have more hooks than a tackle box. The album and EP are produced
by Mitch Easter,and the band. They also put out a single or two on
Merge Records,and all of this activity happened around 1994.
I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. Instantly this album grabs you,and
shakes you up, it's very catchy! It's heavy sonically, it's even groovy.
Lucky me, I saw them play live once. They all looked like they were
20 years old, and seemed like they had been musicians all of their lives.
They were excellent musicians, who could clearly play their butts off.
A very small audience, came despite me telling everyone I knew
they were great! That was when I was doing a regular radio show.
And promoted any newer bands I thought were important, as well as
playing mostly 60's garage music...
And no one seemed to know who they were, or cared! Well,
except for me (it seemed like), so they proceeded to rock the place
hard, until people put down their to do lists, and they came on over
to see what all the fuss was about. Slowly people started to listen
and watch them,and I think they became hooked just like me...
And me- I was in like some kind of high/nirvana like state.
(and I wasn't "on" anything except for the music)
Give this disc a spin,and turn the amp up to 11.
This is one of my favorite bands ever.I swear you will love
this or you should check your pulse.



manel roig said...

wrong, man. I knew motocaster since 1994!!!. I saw the "budah" video on mtv and I flipped out. thanks for the coment, I will find this ep.
Manel Roig. Barcelona. Spain

Erik said...

They were originally known as Motorola until the company sent them a cease and desist. I remember buying this just because Mitch easter produced...